Friday, January 09, 2009

Funny Kids

They never cease to amuse me.

Mr K " Mommy, the music at school today was wroten by some guy named Sebastion Buck"

(that being Bach, of course lol)

Then the conversation between the two of them, comparing their "school days"

K - " I, why didn't you sit at story time today?"

I - " I didn't want to listen"

K (all serious) "oh, but you HAVE to listen at story time. When your teacher tells you, you just run right over there and sit down."

I - (all horrified) "K! I can't run in school!"

(she remembers she can't run, but she wouldn't sit for story time)

There's more, I just can't remember at the moment, I keep laughing to myself over the Buck one. They were having quite the conversations on the way home today :)