Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A silly little poem for my girl:

My Beautiful girl with the shining eyes,
Your warm my heart 'til it soars the skies,
That smile that could stop a man in his tracks,
Hold out that sweet hand and give me some "clacks". <- lol

Oh how I love that smashing sound,
As the plate you've thrown at me connects with the ground. (not really.. she's quite nice you see)
Thank the lord your aim is bad,
To have been smoked in the head would have made me sad.

The banshee screams from our little girl,
As she clings to your leg because you are her world.
Our bipolar son who didn't listen all day,
Yet you look like a diamond in every way.

I truly can say I don't understand,
How you can clean with only one hand.
How on earth do you feed yourself during the day,
When the children think eating is some form of play.

I really don't understand how you can make it,
The words that I hear when I come home are "TAKE IT!"
With outstretched arms you hand me my daughter,
While you stand there feeling like your brain is fodder.

I love you to pieces, every little frustrated bit.
Even though sometimes I may sound like a "git".
I love every spec of your beautiful soul.
My girl and their supermom all in one bowl.

Always and p'never dear.

Yay! I finally got my haircut.. it's been getting super fluffy and stupid looking. About time. Mr K and The Princess just went to bed within minutes (no battle.. perhaps hell is currently experiencing some frost?).

Lynn's at work and I just realized that I haven't posted here in a while. Not that I often have anything productive to say, my days consist of wakeup-work-sleepwhiletryingtowheenivy-wakeup-repeat.

Wah, Poor me right hon?

So, I've decided that this xmas is definitely a "i need to go to disneyland" xmas.


All those who support me.. can i get a "Hell Ya!" and raise the roof.

'tis all for now.