Sunday, April 08, 2007


Phew FINALLY finished Alias Grace. That was a story that took twice as long as it should have to be told, it was an excellent story, but it was sooo long that she lost me and I read other books inbetween. I finally buckled down and read the damn thing, and the ending wasn't what I deserved after all that hard work! Still, if anyone wants to borrow it, you can waste a few weeks of your life inbetween your better readings.

The Memory Keepers daughter was a good sad read. I wasn't depressed after reading it,it was such a mind boggling premise and story that I am SO very glad I read it.

The Girls Will be Girls is a wonderful,depressing and enlightening read. Depressing because of all the statistics concerning girls and body image, how young they are when things start to affect them, the pressures they are under, and I am barely into the book.The most fascinating part so far, is about how at about age 9 or 10, girls develop a "pudgy" look, which is what nature intends,with the onset of puberty just around the corner.Since girls are expected to look like glamour girls at any age these days, they start to diet, which is interfering with the body's natural weight management system and it puts it off balance, possibly for good. Who knew? If you have a girl, I highly suggest this book, even tho I am only a few chapters in. So informative.

Vinegar Hill was good, but I don't really see why it made Oprah's bookclub, compared to some from her list I have read.

Under the Tuscan Sun makes me want to travel and eat and drink wine under a non-north american sky LOL. It re-affirmed the feeling after I read Eat,Pray Love (or whatever its called), they both make you want to run away to Italy and not come back. Since I can't do that anytime soon, I have been daydreaming of my backyard in the summer, a luscious wine beside me, flowers scenting up the air and my gas firepit going to take the chill of the air....ahhh. That will do till I get somewhere Mediterranean. If I can't live there, I can at least adopt the lifestyle as much as possible. Siesta = good. (and yes,Italians siesta as well)