Saturday, November 08, 2008

Adopt A Family

Well, its that time of year again, when I get greatly annoyed with the Salvation Army in Edmonton and have to try and find out if they are doing this program here again. Yah, that's not quite in the spirit of things, I know. But it irritates me that they have this huge,amazingly organized Adopt-A-Family event in Calgary (where we first started doing it before we were even married) and here? Phhht, you have to chase someone down, who is a different person every year so I have to call around and dig it out of people. AND Red Deer has it listed too for pity's sake! ARGH!

I'm going to (when I finally track the person down) ask them why its basically unknown and invisible here in Edmonton. Its a huge event in Calgary, (gee, and Red Deer too) and works like a beautiful machine there, it is something to behold I tell you.

So HERE , for those of you in Calgary who might be interested, is the link to the event, there are the pdf forms and everything you need to know.

Yes, I sound grinchy, especially after my last Christmasy post. I just got all excited because the Salvation Army's site is all new and updated and has those forms online this year, and there's NOTHING for Edmonton.

Sick, Santas and Serious Stench

That sums up the weekend so far! The Princess decided last night to start throwing up with the flu (thus the serious stench in the house and the sick) and I HATE how that flu smell just permeates through the whole damn house. I have to wash everything to get my house back to normal.

The Santa's and their company were our one cheery spot this weekend, I bought them off Kijiji for $20, I seriously ADORE the plastic Christmas decorations...getting closer and closer to that plastic sleigh and year.... I don't like the tin things that are in the stores, they look cheap, not in a plastic cheap, but a fall apart kinda cheap...

Speaking of which, have I ever mentioned I work with a girl who's last name is Griswold? I have told her numerous occasions that I am jealous :) and she honestly wants to keep her last name when she gets married. I would also think her husband should be more than happy to take her name as his!

I think the yard is going to be crazy this year. I have gone crazy. I have too many lights and too many decorations. I still don't have 25,000 lights, but I am working on it :)

And holy shit, I aspire to do this LOL!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Wanna Get Rid Of That Candy??

Hurray, someone WANTS candy, unlike ungrateful co-workers and stuffed parents (myself included!)

Streetworks is always grateful for the donation of left-over Halloween candy. Their clients value it as an incentive to use Streetworks services to improve their health. It can be particularly helpful for those who are struggling with drug or alcohol addictions where withdrawal symptoms can include hypoglycemia. The candy is helpful in smoothing this out and reduce their suffering while undergoing withdrawal. Candy can be dropped off at Plaza 124, 3rd floor room 300.