Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's Been A While....

And since there are still a) new moms and b) expecting moms reading this I will post some more interesting breastfeeding links.

Remember This? Woman Who Refused to Cover Baby's Head During Flight WINS Human Rights Complaint

Breastfeeding Prevents Iron Deficiency

Breastfeeding May Explain Weight Disparities

OH NO YOU JUST DIDN'T!!! (oh yah, READ this one!)






Ok time for my trash tv. America's Next Top Model, yeehooo!

Bitter cold bites pine beetle

EDMONTON - Albertans who shivered through a frigid winter can take heart knowing that the bitter cold has likely taken a big bite out of mountain pine beetle populations.

Two cold snaps blasted central Alberta in late January and late February, with temperatures that scientists believe are cold enough to kill significant numbers of the voracious pest.

"We need 12 consecutive hours of minus 40 ambient air temperature to affect beetle mortality," said Alberta Sustainable Resource Development spokesman Duncan MacDonnell.

Reports from field weather stations showed the areas hit those temperatures or came close for the required time, he said.

"It looks like in west-central Alberta, where the bulk of the infestation was, we hit the required low temperatures for the duration that we need to have significant mortality."

The department will know better when crews head out in May to strip bark off trees and count larvae which survived the winter.

"We're cautiously optimistic we'll get significant mortality because of those temperatures."

But southwest Alberta didn't get cold enough to do much damage to beetle infestation there, he said.

I know, you are all wondering why the hell I posted this. But I have said several times over this winter, about the cold, that "at least it should be killing off the pine beetles"., and of course, received blank stares and weird looks from most people LOL! So here, this is what I meant....I actually find all this very interesting and have been avidly reading any articles on it. Resilient little effers, those pine beetles....