Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Well, besides the fact that Cori is posting about her wilting plants, and I guess I have something to boast about (??) LOL, I also got a call this morning from someone else who is stuck inside from days of rain and not able to garden and is bitter about my greeness and plants and joy LMAO! What can I say, move here! :)

So here are my toasted clematis. I will be shopping for something new this weekend, just not sure what..... aren't they lovely!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Busy Busy

A picture of Mike from last night, it finally dried out enough to cut the damn grass , it was starting to get embarrassing in the front!

Have I posted this before? Amanda gave me this for my birthday, and I hung it appropriately above my blueberries, which I know are my challenge this year.
Aaand its amazing what $2.49 on a can pf white spray paint can do for a makeover, this was steel colored last year. I did it and the baskets to match my whole "cottage" look I am aiming for.

Luna loving the sun, crazy cat.

And the last thing I have room for, cantaloupe! Ha I must be crazy, but I saw it and Mr K just gets so excited about these plants that are food he loves, sooo we are attempting it! They spread like watermelon/pumpkins so no more room for anything else this year! However, I have been reading about people who garden "up" on trellises, instead of letting the vines sprawl across the ground and then hold up the melons with pantyhose attached to the trellis LMAO! Innovative gardening at its best.

So all the rocks and landscape fabric are laid where the second deck is going, we now are going to lay some sod on the south side of the parking pad, and I guess we will order the deck sometime in June!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

It Didn't Disappoint

Wow, I can truly say my azalea was worth every penny, what a gorgeous tropical looking bloom it has! I can only imagine how fabulous a whole bush of these blooms will look in a few years....

On the depressing side, NONE of my clematis (4 of them) made it through the winter, I think I can also add my scarlet honeysuckle to this list as well. I think that wonderful extreme cold that killed the pine beetles was too much for them, and since I didn't mulch over them (sigh, expensive lesson for me) they froze too deeply to return. My wonder hydrangea also didn't come back this year as well, dammit.

I am considering replacing the dead clematis's with a climbing rose, mine is just gorgeously green already. I still want a honeysuckle tho..

But my globeflowers made it, I moved them out of the shade and into the sun and they are exploding in lupines are all coming back wonderfully, I think there are a couple foxgloves coming up....but just no clematis. Chaps my ass because this year should have been FANTASTIC blooms finally.