Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring Fever

Spring fever is in full force around here, the weather has finally been above 0, the 10 feet of snow in our backyard is finally melting, which in turn, led to our first snowman of the year. Once we got down to, oh, about only 5 feet of snow, we were finally able to get out there and build one.

I realized the other day that its almost time to start my plants, or at least the early starters. I have all these aspirations every year, as to what I want to get for plants. This year is no different, except I am such a geek that I am planning the yard out on paper. Yup. Number coded plants and all. I have this little yellow construction sheet of paper with little lines and numbers that in my head, = my yard.

So first question, anyone have luck with strawberries in long containers? I have four long white containers that I want to try veggies or strawberries in. Suggestions? How do you get really large, yummy berries?

And anyone ever try Dahlia's? They aren't for this zone, they are only a few degrees up tho temperature-wise. I thought perhaps I could put them in the front facing west with the incredibly hot sun in the afternoons and they might stay warm enough. Anyone?

My lovely lupines will be in there again as well, they should be fantastic this second grandma's Iris's should bloom this spring as well for the first time, which really, really excites me. Those were transplanted from Manitoba a year ago, but failed to bloom.

Aaand some shade flower suggestions please and thanks...and fairly tall ones....I would do Lily of the Valley but they just get like a weed and I think they might be poisonous. Oh yah, anything for the backyard has to be non-poisonous, which limits things a bit too. Nothing edible looking that can be popped into someone's mouth.

That's about it...I just needed to get my green thumb typing away with impatience...speaking of which, impatiens don't get that tall do they? They might be good for the shade tho....

Off to watch Buffy!

For Auntie K

I think I have come across the worst, least compassionate thing I have ever heard LOL! It was comment in response to one woman, who went thru invitro and was having a shitty time of it with her son after he was born , he had colic and reflux etc. Some one actually told this poor woman

"Well, isn't this what you waited 3 years for and paid XXX $$ for?"

You have my personal guarantee, that if anyone ever says this to you, that their ass is kicked up to their ears!

Can you imagine? Oh you can, can't you......and we are totally thinking of the same person here! I can travel to Edson for an ass whupping.

Love Me

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

If I Could Afford Dolce & Gabbana, I Would Boycott Them

Not much can entice me to a full rant lately, too much out there really and I don't have THAT much time on my hands, contrary to popular belief lol. However in my surfings tonight I came across this newly banned ad by Dolce and Gabbana. The fact that its banned is nothing new for D&G, they truly delight in uproars due to their ads. (go google their silly knife ad)

I don't find myself inclined to rant about feminism matters, there's too many good blogs out there that already do that. But take a look at this f-ing ad! Tell me what you think. Even Mike took a look at it and was horrified that he's holding her hands down.

What really chaps my ass, is that the newspaper articles are talking about feminists in Spain complaining about this, raising an uproar. Oh, now that women are upset, it must be the goddamn feminists, right?

How about one stay-at-home mom with a slight left-wing bent, who doesn't want her son growing up looking at shit like this, and thinking this is the norm? That this is how to treat women? That if your friend treated a woman like this, you what? Stand there all oiled up like a greased pig and watch? The fact that this could be in the ads in City Center downtown and he could be looking at this while we shop, disgusts me beyond belief.

Sigh. Rant over.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

House Perv

I am a self-confessed house pervert. (wonder who will find this blog now that I put the word "perv" in here LOL!)

I love looking at houses, I especially love when my house plan is for sale and I get to see what other people did inside. What's really funny is the address is SO close to ours and even looks like our house on the outside.. no its not ours LOL.

This one tho, made me feel much, much better about my decorating and lack of clutter. However, boy, can you fit furniture into the two kids bedrooms.....holy smokes!

And I am always glad I picked black appliances when I see the white in others and those are my cupboards too...that's what my house would look like with white appliances...I love mine. I am having an I Love My House Day today. Hmmm, and that's what carpet in my house would look like too... wonder how carpet with our fireplace would look?

I need out of the house LOL!