Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bee Movie = UGH

The kids got this movie as a present last weekend, and even tho I wasn't so sure of it, we sat down and watched it yesterday. Let's just say we are going to "lend" it to Auntie Karami for a looooong time.

I was disappointed in Kids In Mind (movie ratings website) because tho it was pretty thorough, they missed a LOT that I was disgusted with.

For example they reviewed " . A woman is roughly handled by the police, and a man is arrested and roughly handled by the police."

What they actually left out is that its a woman sitting at a table, who's head is PUSHED onto the table, then GUNS are pointed at her head by the police surrounding her!! I think my chin hit my chest in shock.

There were guns everywhere I looked towards the end, guns guarding floats, police running around with guns, guns being pointed at people. I was really mad that the Website didn't list the guns, I consider the mere appearance of them in a movie notable in a review. They mentioned a tranq gun ONCE.

They missed a part where people are actually smoking outside, I was like shit, I do NOT want to have this talk yet, Mr K hasn't noticed smokers yet. But there they were puffing away in a kids movie. And they had cigarettes in their hands, pretty obvious. I think that no matter the "plot"
smoking should NOT be allowed in a kids movie.

I think it was underrated for violence, the words "kill" "killed" and "dead' are used SO frequently I lost count. The website did mention some instances where they used the words, but OMG, it was CONSTANT in the movie.

My review? Its freaking AWFUL. I just sat the whole movie cringing. I am getting more and more liberal with what Kade can watch, but they lost me at the whole guns being pointed at the womans head while she was "detained" on the table.

THIS website had a more accurate review, too bad I found it after. They list all the smoking and guns use, plus more of the actual language used.

Bee Review

Friday, March 21, 2008

Post Secret

Hahaha I loved Post Secret this week. Halfway down the page is a secret that says

"Hey lactation nurse, I told you that its because of my medication for my Lupus, but its really because I didn't want to give up my naturally PERFECT rack" and a postcard of Similac can pictures.

A women replied with a picture of well, her rack, clothed of course lol (and I must say, its a nice rack she has too)

"This is my naturally perfect rack after nursing for five and a half years. Nursing doesn't damage women's breasts."

And I say YOU GO GIRL!

He changes them tomorrow, so if you can read and have a laugh today, go for it.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Colors

I forgot that I had to remember (haha figure that one out) to make a sweet treat for Mr K's Easter Soiree at Preschool, so whilst getting our seeds this morning I also grabbed what I needed to bake up some creations.

They are just so happy looking :) and the colors are even happier in real life. And when I eat a leftover mini chocolate egg, I am happy too!

And speaking of seeds, I thought I was so far behind, but really, everything this year is about picking my perennials, planting them where they are going to stay, and that's that. I bought Delphiniums which will come up every year, I plan on lots of Peonies and lily and anything that will come up again and again. All that though, will be after I get the beds dug up how I finally want them (I know, yah right, but really, I WILL COMMIT THIS YEAR) then plant away on May Long. Which, is only 8.5 weeks away! Good weather is sooooo close!