Friday, June 20, 2008

Headline: Boy Band Mauled By Cougars

I CAN'T WAIT! I bought tickets for Kandice and I to go (I knew she would be my partner in crime, I didn't even consult her LMAO) and WE ARE FINALLY GOING!! WE had wanted to many many years ago in our twenties and now we have the money and the cougar instinct.

Weeeehhheeee hahahahaha!

F I love boy bands! I love that I am old enough not to be embarrassed (mostly) over my love of pop sugar cute boy bands.

For your viewing and listening pleasure. I guess Kevin isn't a part of it anymore which is fine 'cause he was my least favorite.

I Heart My....

Wii Fit! I can't believe I forgot to post about it, but last weekend Mike managed to score one first thing Saturday morning at Superstore. And we LOVE it! I especially love watching Mr K do yoga poses :) its exceptionally adorable, I will have to post some videos I have taken of him doing his yoga.

I think that the aerobics part isn't enough for what I need, but I really wanted it for the yoga, which is excellent because it uses the board to show you how you balance is while doing the poses. A video would never be able to show my how to shift my balance to achieve the right center of gravity while doing it, yet you just follow the little balance dot on the screen and you can make sure you are doing it 100% correctly. I also suck at strength training and wanted it for that as well, those exercises are great. I am very much a "have to follow visually" person while doing those, I can't understand from pictures in magazines or explanations when it comes to any of the strength training moves.

WAY too much for for the whole family! They have running games, skiing, hula hoops, I think this is just the greatest game ever!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


To my delight while weeding my front flowerbed, I discovered about 15 wee little lupines growing in there...I do believe they actually seeded last year, which = much less work for me in the front! I had wanted to just fill the front with these since the foliage is gorgeous even when they aren't blooming and they are tall enough to be seen over the white fence, so I just moved around the little ones I found growing and voila, front is almost done!

My 2nd year ones are blooming already...

And as long as the birds don't get 'em, we will have about 10 blueberries this year LOL!


I kept seeing this book in the locker than Beckie and I share at work and I finally asked to borrow it, and I am glad I did. This is an incredibly good book, and I am not sure why. Sounds weird, but there are points when I stop and think "why is this so damn interesting? Why can't I put it down?"

The premise is nothing spectacular one would think:

"The spellbinding epic set in twelfth-century England, The Pillars of the Earth tells the story of the lives entwined in the building of the greatest Gothic cathedral the world has ever known—and a struggle between good and evil that will turn church against state, and brother against brother."

Its not something I would pick up and think, hmm, yes, this has GOT to be great! I just thought hmmm, ok, I have nothing to read at home LOL!

Its's very, very surprisingly good and I recommend it to anyone who wants a good (but LONG at 900 + pages) summer read.

Pansy's And a Princess

My pansy's..
My Princess...watering my lovely lupines! I can't wait till they are fully in bloom!
Just some cute little Princess feet in my weedy flowerbed.