Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Take a Moment, Send an Email

I am sure everyone has heard about the huge child abuse network that was smashed, children rescued and people arrested in the news lately. But while reading (and trying to ignore the awful details that the media loves to dole out) I came across a post about how the CEO of The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, (who headed this up) gets flak for not locking up every pedophile out there, and was encouraging people to email their support and thanks.

And I don't usually jump on a bandwagon, but this was worth posting. Their website is, and contact email is

I just want to say thanks. Thanks for doing a job that I can't even imagine doing, because I can't even grasp what you have to do day to day. Thank you for getting out of bed on the days that it must feel like evil is winning and you are only one small person in an organization trying to make a difference. Thank you for the kids you have saved, the tradgedies you may have prevented in advance, and the steel to keep on going after those you know are out there.

I know that abuse happens right around us, I am not blind. And that's not even going into thanking the people around me who work with children in my own city. But for years, predators have viewed the internet as a safety zone, a place to freely take advantage of children. This is a fantastic step in the right direction.

Now I am going to freaking hug my kids really tightly before I go to bed.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rain Rain and More Rain

It can stop anytime now. Man, every few hours, there's a brief thunderstorm and then the sun. The backyard is a mudpit, the kids are ancy with colds which, it appears, Miss I. managed to pass on to several people at a birthday party on Friday. God, I was just kidding! I told Beckie that I owed her a cold, so trust my girl to pass it on to everyone. Yup, you can thank me later everyone. Next time I am dropping off K by himself. Aren't they old enough for unparented yet???? Sigh. Don't invite Karlynn, her kids super-infect everyone else's. Just call me the "party pariah" from now on, k?

Speaking of the two, here's a pic of them, albeit blurry, but a pic nonetheless. So cute when they want to be.

And a pic of my back flowerbed, getting there. My red runner beans and my honeysuckle aren't growing like I want them to, doesn't seem to be taking off like I thought. Hmmph. We shall see.

Other than that, we have lots on the go right now, between work and home and a weekend of sick kids and fighting off the cold myself. Ooh that sounded fun even to my ears lol! Ah, they were fine, good moods just sniffley. Mike and I are the big babies when sick.
Anyhow, will blog later when I have something to actually talk about.