Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Jesus in a Pickle

I was going to call the news and have them over, but thought, naw, I don't need all the fame and fortune that goes with finding the face of Jesus in a pickle...I will just blog it to let everyone know!

And then sell it on Ebay :)

I kid you not tho, this was about two weeks ago and I forgot till I went thru my pics tonight. Mr K wanted a pickle sandwich (his favorite I don't know why) and he yelled at me from the table "Mom! My pickle has a happy face!"

And he did, and he does and its quite weird and freakish, but damn, I got a blog post out of it too! If I was more awake, I am sure I could have ran with this more, but I will leave it at this.

Rays of Sunshine

I guess if I can't have the real thing in my backyard yet, these will do. Mike's been doing a great job keeping me in flowers and greenery lately, without a hint! Other than my moping and moaning that summer isn't here yet. I tried Gerbera's last year, and they are so finicky, they croaked right away. Too bad, I adore them. I stuck these smack in the middle of my island in the kitchen to cheer myself up. Just totally the color of the sun...in summer.....which isn't here.....


Stop Me

I shouldn't have access to my old posts. I shouldn't. Cause I still here, whimpering, over my pictures of green grass and beautiful flowers and kids in shorts and bathing suits and just wanna cry.

What IS it this year? The kids ages? Needing so much more attention and activity? We even are using the basement to play in, three levels of house and toys isn't enough for pete's sake??! (and that goes for me too, with my stir-craziness) And, while looking back, we didn't get snow until November this year, Halloween was beautiful and warm....sigh.

I am so desperate I want shifts at work....lots of shifts, so I can go out and buy lots of stuff. Like plants and stuff. So by May said basement is just crammed full of stuff that has to go outside. Argh.

Blah. Maybe I just haven't been out sans kids for too long (thus the crazy wanting to work idea LOL!) Maybe getting out for a movie will help.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

I Feel Like I Should Write Something...

Ha! Its been what, 5 days? I guess I should write something...

The past week was really busy. Oh right! That's why I haven't blogged, ha, just reminded myself! Between Thursday the week before, to Wednesday this past week, I babysat for friends 4 times and worked two shifts. I think I blocked it out LMAO! The babysitting was great, I really never mind doing it because the kids had playmates, and they are all getting to the age where they play well with no hitting or biting (ooh, doesn't that time seem so short a while ago, tho? the constant supervising in case of flying fists or biting little teeth? oh wait...there's still The Princess....) and work is going great.

So yes, it was a super damn busy week, must have been my karma for the babysitting I asked for while training I guess! I am guessing that I am trained for work because I have just worked on my own for the past two shifts now, and I have no more training shifts scheduled. Its all a guessing game right now....maybe tomorrow they will let me know LOL!

I am enjoying it, the pace is SO much slower than Telus was, I actually get to talk to the other girls working between taking calls, the nights and weekends are so delightfully quiet compared to the day training I had where it was insanely busy, and I would probably have left if I had to work days. I actually don't dread going into work, Telus was very hard to do after "working" (yah damn straight its a job lol) all day at home with the kids, then going into a very fast paced job for another 4 hours. I realize now what a difference the pace of a job can make and no wonder I was just dead after my shifts there. I worked till 10:30 the other night and was just fine the whole shift, even after a busy day with the kids. So here's hoping I get shifts and it all works out!

Other than that, my parents were up this weekend, I worked Saturday morning, then spent the day relaxing and chatting with them. Wyatt and Christina were over a lot, and that was nice to see them as well, and the whole weekend was very much visiting-based, very nice.

AND I am so ready for real spring weather to be here....little patches of grass are showing up in my backyard....teasing me......I have just had it this year, must be the ages of the kids or something, because I can't take it anymore, I am ready to snap if this damn snow doesn't disappear soon!