Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grow Op

Only 15 weeks till May Long! Yes, I am counting down, I have it written every Monday on my kitchen calender.

So last year I wanted a 3 tiered indoor greenhouse, but they aren't at Canadian Tire this year. At least, not right now. And people wanted WAY too much money for the few I saw secondhand. So I bought this metal shelf, with shelves that can be placed upside down so that the edge is up (brilliant) and nothing will slide off of it. You only need the plastic cover to germinate the seeds anyways, so I started with my Rudbeckia which take the longest (10-12 weeks before they are ready to plant) and then will work my way down the list of seeds. I am mainly growing them in big peat pots this year, so I am less tempted by the larger plants the greenhouses put out. As if.

And it fits perfectly on top of my buffet, up and out of the way. When everything has sprouted and just needs sun, I am going to set it in the front window, (all that west sun) so all the neighbors can wonder what exactly I am growing ;)

I am so excited about my colored sunflowers, I LOVED the yellow ones last year, and I can't wait to see the red and the brown ones, I can just imagine the bouquets already!

Anyone want a pack of organic zucchini seeds? I bought two by accident, and didn't even pay for the second ones actually, they weren't on the reciept. So freebie seeds anyone? I certainly won't even use up one! They will mail nicely!

I saw the Nasturtium last year on the edible garden tour and can't wait to try them, you can eat the leaves and flowers in a salad AND are gorgeous looking.