Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dollarama Delight

I looove that store! Not only do they have great workbooks/maze books/puzzle books for kids that Mr K loves, (and goes through so fast that I am glad that they are a buck each) there is always something else I find that rocks.

Yesterday I found a space border for Mr K's room, which is something I have been looking for forever. Most are either too expensive, too "old" looking (like for a man's den) or just plain ugly. These are the CUTEST little space borders ever, and he was SO excited to get them in his room! I was excited that I spent so little!

Tonight is Shumka and we are soooo excited to go! Mr K can't wait, and I am so thrilled to take him. I was looking into the kids camps that they do over the summer, and thought that it would be a great way to test if he really wanted to take the dance classes or not. There's one for 5 and under that I think he would enjoy a lot.


  • 1/2 day of Ukrainian dance-related activities including 1 hour of daily dance instruction
  • other activities include costume-making and fashion show, rhythm and musicality exercises, indoor and outdoor recreation, songs, puppet shows, and Ukrainian arts and crafts
  • a different activity every 20 minutes!

  • I love that they will explore his heritage more, because I can be admittedly lax in that department lol.

    Monday, March 16, 2009


    Oh man, soo tired. This weekend was GO GO GO, just like that. Ok, well Saturday at my sisters was very relaxing, chinese take-out, the kids were totally entertained with the baby toys..cake and cookies and relaxing. Sunday was just plain old fun too, a pool party then visiting afterward.

    I caught the kids cold, not badly tho, probably due to all the fruits and veggies we have been eating lately. Just sniffles and a headache. I haven't been sick in forever tho, and I let myself get run down sleepwise MASSIVELY this weekend, so that did it. Two germy kids and no sleep, no amount of eating healthy will help you.

    We ran into Mr K's old preschool teacher at Superstore of all places today and funny enough she had left me a message 1/2 hour earlier asking what days I wanted the Princess in for playschool. So I chose Mon/Wed/Fri mornings starting next fall. I am really excited for her, we adore the teacher and The Princess already is familiar with not only her, but her classroom as well. And I can stay as much as I want with her as well. I am looking forward to visiting that classroom again with my next child, but does that ever make me feel like time is flying. My baby in real preschool next fall.

    It was really nice catching up with everyone this weekend at both birthday parties. Made me wistful that we all live so scattered apart, some closer than others, but still, we aren't all in the same city anymore! I suppose tho, it just gives us more places to visit ;)

    Hope you all have a great week, and a Happy St Patty's tomorrow, wear green!