Friday, June 01, 2007


Lots of firsts this week...

My first posey from my flowers. Can't call it a bouquet because its soo tiny! The flowers are in a toothpick holder LOL! But the dahlia is supposed to flower more profusely if you cut the blooms off, so I'll give it a shot.

My first Iris has bloomed, I have been waiting for a week now, and finally have one!

My first rose on my climbing rose.. I love the little fly on the leaf beside it.
And my first strawberries that I have done in completely organic soil....wonder if it will make a difference? There are also onions and yellow beans planted in the fourth one, here's hoping!

That's about it for pics, the bedding plants are in too, but those are the same ol's flowers that everyone has. I laughed when Charlynn commented on an old post about the Lupines being ALL over Nove Scotia, I guess they are considered weeds by some people out East too! And I try so hard to grow them here in my flowerbeds. But speaking of which, one of them looks ready to bloom in 2-3 weeks, which I am anxiously waiting for. They are so much healthier and fuller the second year, I can't believe the difference.

Other than the planting stuff, I am sooo tired from being out and about in the hot weather, and its just starting! I need a daily nap I tell you, I am soo beat by noon. And of course K won't comply and sleep a wink most days. Once in a blue moon I luck out and get him to nap.

Tonight Brett is going to ToysrUs and picking up a pool for us, he's taking Melissa's van since its a large one and it won't fit in the wagon. We bought a really nice netted tent as well,so we will set that up with the pool under it and we can all sit and enjoy it mosquito free! Just need that second deck to be put in...I don't think I am nagging Mike quite enough, we aren't any closer to building it than we were two weeks ago. Must up the nagging.

Oh god, must go get iced tea to survive until Mike gets home.....zzzzzzz.....