Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rainy Rose

My first rose of the year, but WHAT is eating the leaves!!!!! Look at those poor, hole-ridden leaves!! I am going to have to find some sort of natural bug repellent...I had tried one of oil and soap on my lupine, but it actually wilted some leaves and a couple of the flower spikes, um, are totally mutant! (I will post pics when I can,they are freaky lol)

I saw this out the window this morning and of course I am crazed enough to run out and get a picture. In a few days, the whole bush will be covered in glorious pink blossoms and holey leaves. Can't wait.

I was crazy and pulled a double shift last night, I worked 230-1030, then stayed overnight to help the new night girl until 630 this morning. I am insane. However, let's just say that since its a government job, between the premiums for nights/weekends, double time for OT, and getting my breaks paid out, I made enough in 16 hours to pay for our second deck. There was no way I was turning it down because that happens once in a blue moon. All I had to do was stay awake all night and watch Sex in the City on my portable DVD player LOL! I got through, um, 7 episodes? Ok, and yes, I worked as well, but nights are SO quiet its not like working at all.

Mike was a great help :), he and the kids took me to work yesterday, the kids came and saw where mommy was spending the night (Mr K thought that was so cool) and met the girls, then came this morning and picked me up. He even went to Superstore grocery shopping with the two kids while I slept. He's in super husband mode this weekend and it sure helped with me pulling a crazy shift like that.

BUT I am super tired, I need to get to bed at about 8 tonight and just sleeeeeep till tomorrow now. I could never work nights on a regular basis and unless I was getting the crazy good pay I don't forsee ANY other night shifts in my future!

And, happy summer to everyone!! Its officially here at last!

Virginia Ctenucha

For a moth, its kinda cool and the first time I have had one in the yard.

The Virginia Ctenucha can be found throughout Alberta except the prairies, in open places and grassy meadows in early summer from June through early July. Like other members in the Tiger Moth Family, they are poisonous to birds and so remain unmolested as they flutter from flower to flower in broad daylight.

This dusky moth has a wingspan 50 mm (2 in.). The wings are dark olive brown with a narrow white fringe. The fuzzy body is an iridescent dark blue and the head is a fuzzy orange.

The innocuous yellowish tan caterpillars sport short white hair. They are about 25 mm (1 in.) long and feed on grasses and sedges.