Thursday, September 20, 2007

Robot Chicken

"Robot Chicken is an American stop motion animated television series produced by Stoopid Monkey, ShadowMachine Films, Williams Street, and Sony Pictures Digital, currently airing in the US as a part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim line-up, in Britain as part of Bravo's Adult Swim line-up, and in Canada on Teletoon's Detour nightly adult programming. It premiered on Sunday, February 20, 2005. Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are the creators and executive producers of the show. They are also on the writing team, and have directed some episodes. Seth Green provides many voices for the show."

from Wikipedia

Funny ass show and this is one of my favorite shorts from it. God, there's a Rainbow Brite one that makes me guffaw so hard....I will find that one too....

More Food

Yup. More food pictures. I have been on a tear lately cooking the healthiest meals I can think of. I haven't taken pictures of alll of them of course LOL! But since the artichoke chicken we have been eating so many dishes that we have never tried before.

Stuffed peppers....Mike's newest favorite, and when he heated them in the microwave at work, all the women came and asked him for the recipe because they smelled so good. They are so easy, I threw black beans with some ground beef and salsa, mixed it all together, layered some cheese in there and done! I snuck some cream cheese into the middle of mine and just about died of mouth happiness.
Grilled red peppers, zucchini and mushrooms with olive oil and greek seasoning with seasoned pork sirloin. My newest favorite.
And my newest cupcake creation, White Forest cupcakes. These are for Mike's dessert buffet at work again. These fall under the catergory "Do Not Put in My Mouth". Dammit. Off to eat a zucchini.

And my payment for making the cupcakes and generally being superwife. :) I heart Mike.