Friday, December 28, 2007

Toque or Tuque, Its All Canadian

Totally random, nonsensical post. I laughed my ass off at the Facecrack "Today's Gift" which was a "winter hat". Essentially a picture of a toque.

So I looked up both spellings and laughed my ass off at the definition of Tuque:

tuque [took, tyook] Pronunciation Key -

a heavy stocking cap worn in Canada.
Also, toque.

A tuque is a knited hat, originally usually wool, that is designed to provide warmth in winter. Sometimes considered Canada's national hat, all tuques are tapered and brimless, and they are often topped with pom-poms.

The tuque is decended from the toque, a fashionable sixteenth century women's hat worn in France and generally made of velvet. The French-Canadian Voyageurs borrowed the term and applied it to the somewhat similar knit hats that were a necessity for warmth. During the 1837 Patriotes Rebellion a red tuque became a symbol of French-Canadian nationalism. Today some consider tuques to be somewhat lacking in sophistication, and they are most often seen on children.

Ok I know I am tired, its late, but are we REALLY the only people who wear tuques? <--hate that spelling. And I don't know any of us who, um, don't own a toque and wear it, is there something we don't know?

We are all obviously lacking in sophistication.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some Homespun Christmas Gifts

I thought I would post some of the ideas that our friends came up with this year, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they are crafty, homemade, and personally done. Not that I don't like all our commerical gifts, but what a fantastic balance we had this year. I am really happy with the way Christmas turned out, the kids weren't spoiled with too many toys and enjoyed Christmas. You know its a success when your mother turns to you and tells you that she is so impressed (I think I even got it on tape!) that the kids took time to play with each toy, instead of ripping through them. It took us a looong time to get through the presents because the kids had to open and play with each one, and that made me really happy. It was savored, appreciated, fun, probably my most enjoyable yet. And the fact that they still both get excited about clothes LOL. (let's just say there is a certain younger family member in our extended family that has received clothes and literally tossed them to the side without a thanks. Much to our collective horror lol)

On to some of our wonderful gifts..

Homemade reindeer pot by Brandy's youngest daughter, hot chocolate, homemade soap by her eldest daughter, and a donation made in everyone's name to Heifer International.

Amanda's "Movie Night In", I just made up the name but I think thats the concept lol. Popcorn and hot chocolate in pretty tins for a movie night, and an adorable homemade decoration.
And part of Beckies, homemade marshmallow snowmen on sticks, very cute. The kids ate the chocolates that were in there too LOL! Then some homemade decorations as well as color-it-yourself ones too.
And of course the t-shirts that Melissa made, but those are on the kids blog cause the kids are in the pictures, so I won't post it here.

I am still pouting that we couldn't make it tonight to Calgary, glad we didn't as Mr K just woke up with a hacking fit at 9:30. He is sleeping with me in our room with the window open a crack and the humidifier going, nice cool,moist air for him to breathe in. I don't think Jen would have appreciated that in her house LOL. Good damn thing I bought myself a pair of fleece pj's from Superstore, I am toasty in there with him.

Hope you are all having fun without me. Send pics! Maybe I will be down for New Years.....not that we ever make it to midnight HA!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmoose to Me... Merry Christmoose to Me....

My Boxing Day spoils...and only some of them LOL! I won't bore you with other pics of my new decorations. But I did buy new, non-shatter decorations for the tree and oh so adorable stuff!I went at 7 to the St Alberta Walmart and stood in line for an HOUR because they had two!!! cashiers on.

My additions to my weird moose addicted-collection.

And I was Supermom for Mr K today, he has been wanting this Christmas train since he saw it, and I promised I would go back Boxing Day (its $40 regular and I am too damn cheap) and buy it with a giftcard of his if he got one. (and hey, Mom benefits because I get to put it around the tree next year) And Nana did give him one, so I bought him this and Shrek 2. He has the croup (ugh) so we are staying home and missing our Calgary party (inset big sad face here please) We will head down when he's all better, but still, I hate to miss the party.

That's about it, did some shopping for my sister, bought myself Angel Season 3....managed to dick away the day until 3, can't believe Ivy lasted with my mom and I. We will be doing a whole lotta nothing waiting for Kade to get better and hoping that Ivy doesn't catch it. Blech.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

You can't have Christmas without some good ol' Boney M. Enjoy the flashback!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Yule!

Happy Yule everyone! We had a nice relaxing time at our open house last night, a shame that solstice can't always be on a weekend or an official day off.

Christina putting her "snow" on the Yule Log. Next year we are going to make real ones, and I am going to try baking one like hers. I would like to make real ones to decorate, and the kids will be old enough to participate.

These are going to be part of my Christmas presents next year for sure, this was from Mr K's preschool teacher and I though they were so simple, yet adorable. Hot chocolate with medium sized marshmallows, thus the "snowmen" in the soup.

Looks like I need an exterminator. Damn mice got into the Yule log last night...

Crap, there's one on my keyboard right now! Hmmm, how to get rid of it?

No problem too big as the saying goes.
Seriously tho, Mr K was the "mouse" into the Yule log with his fingers lol and Amanda made the mice, cherry bodies dipped in chocolate, hershey's kiss head, almond sliver ears then the face. SO adorable and really damn tasty!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Soldier Bear Toys

To be honest I ignored these in my email yesterday, that and the Christmas candles that were recalled due to fire hazard this morning ( um DUH?) but I looked at the "Soldier Bear" toys name, thought they were literally soldiers and thought oh, no one I know would have soldiers, nevermind. Then I went and looked over all the recalls this evening, and well, crap, someone might have these.

Toy DescriptionStyleUPC
Wooden Pull-Along Learning Blocks Wagon (alphabet blocks in a wooden wagon) 6320834162002158
Time Teacher (magnetic shapes & clock in pull cart) 6231834162002646
Wooden Riding Horse 6349834162003698
Vehicle Playset (blue military vehicle with action figures 10074895130810072

Come on, I KNOW you all have the Military/Guerilla warfare playset above, you just don't want to admit it. Better return it.

Fisher Price _ _ _ _ S My Angora Goat

You can fill in the blank, go on, be creative! I can think of 2 words that fit...

(Told you I was going to blog this Erin!)

So this morning, whilst having my second or third cup of coffee, my friend Erin pings me on Messenger asking about the Fisher Price Medical Set that Consumers Reports tested and declared lead infested, cause she had picked one up for Christmas. Good enough, I go back thru my archives (remind me to start tagging posts so they can be found), send her the link to the page.

She pings me later while on the phone with Fisher Price. She is asking about the recall that was done in ONLY Illinois. The woman on the phone said:

" it's ok because it was an independant study done in Illinois and it's only unacceptable to them "

Then Erin proceeds to tell them that its um, unacceptable to HER as well! So Fisher Price is now sending her a lead free medical kit. Which, for future information and I didn't know this, only just happens to be a different color. Its obviously the one color they are having issues with.

I guess too, the woman just sounded incredibly unconcerned about it, so this obviously is the line that they are feeding people when they call about this. That was your best PR attempt Fisher Price? Its OK because our standards are LOWER?

Um. Yah. I think I just wholeheartedly added them to my boycott list. The amount of lead in that toy set is ONLY unacceptable to Illinois, who have actually, for children's safety, PULLED it off their shelves.

So for all of us who don't live in Illinois, we have to live with lower standards. Oh, unless you CALL Fisher Price and tell them that you find it otherwise. Then you get a replacement.


Link to the original article HERE

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Boxing Day Blues

Argh. I was complaining to Mike this past weekend that by the time Boxing Day rolls around, there' isn't going to be anything worth shopping for. I have been scoping out stores trying to find my Christmas moose (yes, my obsession, I *try* to buy a new one yearly) and there is NOTHING out there. Walmart is almost stripped bare, there are no outside decorations left, perhaps one row of tree decorations and that's it. Superstore I walked into today, and EVERYTHING is 50% off! Since when does everything go on sale a WEEK before Christmas? And we aren't talking the usual Zellers 30% before Christmas that they have done for years, these be Boxing Day prices!

BAH Humbug. Ok, I was really glad to buy the train decoration that Mr K has wanted for 2 years now, the one that has the steam and wheels moving by way of flashing lights, I picked it up for 25 bucks today at Superstore, and he was SO excited. This train is on the roof of a house on Candy Cane Lane, and he has loved it since he saw it two years ago, man, maybe even 3 years now, and then we just saw it again on our lights tour. I'll give you one guess where he wanted to put it! (wanted being the key word, its in the house actually, it won't make it outside, never mind the roof this year!)

I digressed, I really did. Whoops. I was ranting. But seriously, I used to look forward to going and getting my decorations every year on Boxing Day. The year we were building this house, I went to Zellers, picked up a tree, ALL the decorations I now have on it (or did since the Princess has smashed so many), my two large moose , and I am sure more, I went a little nuts knowing we were moving in here. That was only 4 Boxing Days ago, and now I can't even find anything a week before. Sigh.

I know its all about the Almighty dollar, they just get in enough stock to make a killing in November and then there's nothing else brought in. But I am just not into electronics and crap on Boxing day, the point is to go and pick over the Christmas remnants (which used to be vast and plenty) and get some good deals.

Blah. I usually love Boxing Day, and look forward to it every year, but I don't know what this year will be like. I will be shopping anyways, but..sigh. I feel grinchy for the first time this year.

SO! Nothing like some good ol' un-edited Christmas Vacation to cheer me up!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday Night Non-Aggravating Craft #3

This one is a hard one, but not aggravating.

1) Walk over to freezer.
2) Remove chocolate truffle that took almost 2 hours to dip and decorate with teeny stars.
3) Stuff in mouth.
4) Relish the fact that my only craft tonight is perfecting my truffle savoring experience.
5) Follow with well earned glass of wine.

Bakefest '07

Wow, I spent the entire day Saturday baking, and I was still baking (in theory, I DID cook the fingerpaint lol) that night. But it was the whole damn day, either something was cooling, or setting or in the oven.....crazy!

I attempted 3 new recipes, Mint Chocolate Covered Ritz, Chocolate truffles and Chocolate Oreo Fudge, all from my Kraft magazine. And for us at least, they all score a 5/5, and I would make them all again. That's a miracle around here.

Mike keeps trying the Ritz and saying " I just expect that the NEXT time, they are going to be gross, because mint chocolate covered Ritz are SO WRONG!" (insert lip-smacking and crunching noises here). " I don't understand why they taste so good!" Yah, about 15 later, he still hasn't found that "wrong" one. They are so incredibly tasty tho, hard to believe its Ritz crackers. Also an incredible pain in the ass to make, one at a time, dipped in chocolate. Speaking of pain in the ass, the recipe for the truffles fools you into thinking they are easy because they are two ingredients. NOT! After spending an hour and a half rolling them, then dipping them in chocolate, I disagree. But oh, they are fantastic tasting and will be a Christmas staple in the house from now on.

Some of the treats....this one is all purtied up for Mike's boss, from left : chocolate truffles, Mint Chocolate covered Ritz (I know, but they are fantastic!trust me! They are good enough to send to the big boss!) and shortbread. Under the truffles is a layer of chocolate Oreo fudge. Drooling yet?

The another tin for one of my friends...
And this picture is cute, Mr K took it, and its so funny, cause its HIS view of the island....makes me laugh because this is exactly what he is seeing when he looks up there, my little short stuff. See that Halloween muffin wrapper on the left peeking out from behind the sprinkles? Everyone's truffles are in them this year, so have a good laugh at it! I bought them and forgot to use them for cupcakes, and voila! I needed something to put my truffles in! I was too lazy to go to the store for Christmas ones.

Because we are going for dinner tomorrow night for Melissa's birthday, I wanted to get everyone baking and kid's presents wrapped and ready to deliver while almost everyone is there. Nothing like leaving it for the last minute, but really, I hate stale baking and do it fresh every year. I never freeze my Christmas baking, its always done right the day before. ( I am insane.) I hate frozen stuff, I am weird, I can taste the difference. That said tho, the baking I took on this year have to be frozen because they won't last long, and so far the fudge and truffles taste great frozen! Not that I am eating it out of my freezer, nuh-uh, not me. I wouldn't be eating truffles like they are chocolate ice cream bites...

I hope everyone had a more restful weekend than I did, cause I am ready to freaking DROP. I am so excited to go out for dinner tomorrow night with everyone, I can't wait.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Homemade Fingerpaint

Today, besides baking up a storm, (I will post that tomorrow) I made homemade fingerpaint, which is part of Mr K and The Princess's gifts to their friends this year. It seemed to turn out really well, and what I loved is that we can give it to all their friends, even the young ones who eat everything, in fact, its perfect for kids just learning how not to eat their craft supplies! Completely non-toxic, I don't even think it would upset the stomach. Can't taste that great tho....

One batch fills 4 baby food jars, so I made 4 batches in all. Very easy, there's some yellow left for the kids are we are going to use it tomorrow, but I tried the blue myself tonight and it worked like it should lol.

The jars and the snowflake flannel are from the reuse center here, which was also a godsend for all my baking tins (I think I took about 15 and there were STILL tons left) . Very excellent place for crafters, and we took note of everything they accepted as well so we can get rid of what we don't use. I attached little cards with the ingredients listed on them, and one of them has the recipe for the older girl on our list, but if anyone else wants it, it follows below this picture.

Original Fingerpaint


1/2 cup cornstarch
3 Tbsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. salt
2 cups cold water
food coloring


In a medium pan, mix all the ingredients together to make the finger paint. Cook over low heat 10 to 15 minutes. Keep stirring the finger paint mixture until it is smooth and thick. After the finger paint has thickened take the pan off the stove and let the mixture cool.

After cooling, divide the finger paint into storage containers depending on how many colors you would like. Add a few drops of food coloring to each container. Stir the coloring in to the paint to determine the shade of color. You're ready to finger paint! Cover tightly when storing.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Speaking of Ingesting Things: Mincemeat Tarts

Yes, time for my annual treat for Mike, his mincemeat tarts. Pretty easy. Thank the gods for pre-made no-name tart shells (I was impressed, all hydrogenated free this year!) and President's Choice 5 fruit mincemeat.

The only hard part is defrosting about 12 tart shells, rolling them all together, then taking a baby food jar and cutting out the circles for the top. So the direction are: put mincemeat filling into frozen shells (always frozen for any tarts), cut out tops, put on tops, bake at 350 till brown. Then let Mike proceed to eat them till he's sick, forget about them until next December. Repeat.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Now There's Even More Ways For Your Child to Ingest Lead!

Kids Jewelry

Description: This recall involves the Codeena Princess children’s jewelry. Only jewelry with item numbers KS1367SS and KS1369SCP are included in the recall. The item number is printed on the back of the packaging. The children’s jewelry sets were sold in a variety of sets including pink or white pearl-like necklace, bracelet and earring or ring combinations. Some sets have studded charms dangling on the bracelet and the necklace.

Sold at: Discount stores nationwide from September 2005 through August 2007 for about $5.

Lion Teether
The plastic nose can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.

Incidents/Injuries: Infantino® has received eight reports of the nose detaching, including one report of a child gagging on the bitten off nose.

Description: This recall involves Infantino® lion teethers. The yellow and orange plastic teethers have date codes 6116, 6129, 6158, 6137, 0606, 0806, 0906, and 1006. The date codes are located on the back of the lion’s head, above the Infantino® logo. Lion teethers with other date codes are not included in this recall.

Sold at: Babies “R” Us, Pottery Barn Kids and other specialty stores nationwide from June 2006 through December 2007 for about $5.

Dollar Store Toys...

Hazard: The recalled toys contain excessive levels of lead, violating the federal lead paint standard.

Incidents/Injuries: None reported.

Description: The Baby Bead & Wire Toys are colored wires and colored beads that can slide on a natural wood platform. These bead toys have item number 903419 and date code 71 printed on the back of the packaging. The Speed Racer Pull Back & Go Action! Cars are yellow with black stripes and white with red stripes. Item number 873820 and date code 77 is printed on the back of the packaging.

Sold at: Dollar Tree, Dollar Bill$, Dollar Express, Greenbacks, Only One $1 and Deal$ stores nationwide from March 2007 through October 2007 (Baby Bead & Wire Toys) and from September 2007 through November 2007 (Speed Racer Cars) for $1.

From US Consumer Product Comission

I know my titles are sarcastic, but really, at this point I am not shocked. I just hope that nobody has these toys... and you can subscribe by email to the above site as well. Nothing like your recalls with your morning cup o' coffee to start your day!

Have Patience....

For some reason, for each post I put up, I have to specifically chose to "allow" comments, not sure why I have to click that option EVERY TIME I post now, but I am trying to change it. So for those who wondered where my comments are, its just that I forgot to enable them on that specific post. I went back and re-did the last three that I forgot... PITA.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Simply Scrumptious Shortbread

Since I am not making it for everyone in their baking this year, Mr K and I made some shortbread spur of the moment tonight. And we had a fantastic time screwing around and experimenting with it. I usually do a cookie press, but saw on Jane's blog that she used an icing bag and tip to make swirly round ones. A lightbulb went off above my head when I saw that and my brain went "oh..ooooohh...oh MY! The fun I am going to have with THAT!!" I had all the materials needed from my cake decorating supplies.

And boy did we ever!

Snowmen, letters, candy canes......

A truck! A Train! A Reindeer or two!
Ok, I can't draw a train most days, not sure how I managed this masterpiece, our shortbread train! Mr K thought I was Supermom for this one. Indeed, I am rather proud.
Most of the cookies didn't break, but the reindeer's antlers were too fragile and any that were too thin were delicate as well. The secret is to make them thick and they won't break as easily....oh. but it was just so much fun doing it! Like drawing, but with cookies!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday Night Non-Aggravating Craft #2

I'll post this, because some of the other stuff just doesn't count as non-aggravating :) Cleaning out baby food jars and getting the glue off them IS annoying!!

Homemade gift tags/cards. I chopped some of my olds cards that had just the beautiful square on the front, then cut out a matching back from the inside. Nicely enough, they say "Blessed Christmas" on the top inside, just happened to work out that I could reuse some of the print as well. Hole punch them in two spots, run ribbon thru and tie with a bow. I used metallic pens to write my messages inside. And they look a million times prettier now than just the plain card.


Why am I posting a pic of dragon toys? Well, lads and ladies, I went to the Goodwill this afternoon to find some jeans (double freakin' hallelujah, I found 2 pairs!) and of course Mr K has to look through the toys. Actually, scratch the double, its a triple Hallelujah, he found a recycle truck that is always the boy's favorites while playing in the sand, so there's another to squibble over ;)

I digress. Can I introduce to you one of The Princess's presents, good ol' TupperToys. Made in the US of freakin' A!

Dance of of joy.....I don't know if they are STILL made in the US tho, they say 1992 on them. Not only are they awesome fun and adorable (I remember those old elephants etc) but they aren't made in China.

Ahhh I have something other than socks for her!

BTW of course you have already guessed I will email Tupperware and ask where the products are made now..

Some info: (come on, do I still have to cite my source??)

Tupperware was known, at a time when women came back from working during World War II only to be told to "go back to the kitchen", as a method of empowering women, and giving them a toehold in the post-war business world. The tradition of Tupperware's "Jubilee" style events continues to this day, with rallies being held in major cities to recognize and reward top-selling demonstrators, managers and distributorships.

On May 9, 2007 Tupperware announced Brooke Shields as the celebrity spokesperson for Tupperware’s "Chain of Confidence" campaign in the USA. The campaign invites women to celebrate the strong bonds of female friendships and the self-confidence derived from those serves as an online community where women can share their confidence stories with one another and join an online discussion about the importance of female friendships and confidence.As part of Chain of Confidence, Tupperware is donating over one million dollars to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to sponsor SMART Girls—a program dedicated to promoting confidence in young girls ages 8-17.

I was beginning to get beyond frustrated this weekend. I literally spent a half an hour in the doll aisle reading boxes. Mike had to take his tire in to get fixed so I can time to spare LOL! I think the Walmart worker thought I was a crackpot. Both sides, every doll. Not ONE that wasn't made in China. In another aisle I found some Crayola markers made in the US, and some sparkle glue made in Taiwan. Deee-pressing.

What really made me sad is there were some horses (oh, she loves her horses) that kids can literally sit on (up to 80 lbs) and pretend to ride. So the Princess is sitting on one and just looooving it. She kept trying to take it back off the shelf, and its bigger than her. Soo cute. She's trying to tuck this damn 3 foot horse under her arm and take it home. Sigh. You know, you just can't win. Damned because you buy your children possibly toxic toys or damned because you can't get them what they really want to play with.

Where did my angora goat run off to.....

Friday, December 07, 2007

More Lead....

I have too much time on my hands lately. All The Princess wants to do is nurse Alllllll freaking day, so here I sit.

Anyhow this article depressed me, here's part of it:

The red blood pressure cuff is part of the Fisher-Price Medical Kit, a classic toy that has been sold for several years. We found high lead levels embedded in the red plastic arm band as well as on the surface of the arm band, which we determined could easily rub off on the hands of a child playing with the toy. Based on the levels of accessible surface lead we measured, we estimated that a child could potentially receive a dose of more than 15 micrograms of lead per day through foreseeable hand-to-mouth contact while playing with the toy. That amount could potentially increase a child's risk of accumulating a blood lead level that exceeds 10 micrograms per deciliter—the threshold established by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that generally triggers some form of intervention by doctors or public health officials.

Although we discussed our test results with Fisher-Price and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), neither took immediate action. Fisher-Price contends that the toy "is fully compliant" with all federal regulations, which CPSC confirms. But the federal regulation for lead in toys places limits on only paint and surface coatings. There are no federal limits on lead in plastics such as PVC. That’s a huge gap in the regulations that can leave children at risk for lead exposure. Congress is currently working on federal legislation that will close the gap and, if passed, will regulate lead in all children's products. Consumers Union has been supporting this effort, (ok, you gotta click on the words "supporting this effort" and go laugh at their video!) which promises to reduce children's risk of lead exposure.

Rest of Article

So some of my children's plastic toys, (besides whatever freaking Bisphenol A (BPA), might be in them, don't get me started on that), now have unregulated lead levels. Are you kidding me? Please tell me that we have better standards in Canada, actually, don't bother, cause all these toys are coming here anyways.

This site is interesting Public Interest Research Group .

I need to get The Princess watching TV or something, I am THIS close to retreating to my own commune with angora goats and sheep for clothes, a couple packets of organic seeds, dig a well and build a big effing compound fence.

I will not read anymore today...I will not look anymore today.....I am going to watch Dora in her lead-paint empire of splendor.

What Was That You Lead? I Mean Said???

Yah, another lead recall. Which we have in the house and used with Mr K to potty train him. I take some consolation in the fact that he hated it LOL and we used it as a step stool with the lead part hidden. Still. I mean, its a POTTY. I can't even have a potty without lead in it?

I'll send away for my stupid permanent clear protective cover and see what it is. I am curious what *CHEAP* measure they have come up with. A cover to cover it and not a recall of the whole item....let's see how that pans out.....

Recall info here

Edited to add: Alright so I ordered my plastic piece. Shipping time is 8-10 weeks. EIGHT TO TEN WEEKS!! Do they even comprehend what that is to a potty training mom? That's not the usual 4-6 mailing weeks, thats almost DOUBLE! How many moms are going to have to go and buy another potty, because odds are that if you are serious about that plastic piece (not me, I just wanna get a look at this shitty plastic solution so I can be even more disgusted at the company) you are in the middle of USING the damn thing!! Right....cause ANY mom who is in the middle of successful training is just going to stop dead and wait 10 weeks.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Paper Globe Ornaments

I saw a picture of these on someone's blog, but not a tutorial. I have searched, found that OF COURSE they are a Martha craft, but they aren't in her archives, they are from December of last year darn it. So, I attempted them anyways, and I am hoping that once Amanda looks at these, there is a tutorial in her book, because they just didn't work out exactly how I wanted.

You can tell how its put together from this pic. I used scrapbook paper and brats left over from all the wonderful stuff Cori gave me last year. (LAST year Cori ,sheesh!!)

But they don't hang like I want them too, too oval.
Then we made another one, and Miss I decided to grab it and squish it, during which I shrieked, then SHE shrieked:

"Mommmy! Its a beeee-ooo-tiful bucket!!"

And so it is my girl....they make very nice, adorable baskets as well!

I think I need to try stock paper, more firm, colored on both sides and I might get the right sphere shape out of them....but here's the concept anyways, great concept, just need to fine tune it! Hopefully someone has a tutorial somewhere!!

If Your Ovaries Aren't Tingling, You're Lying

Auntie just had to steal a picture of her girls from their blog....

I'd nag Mom about not updating more,but I think I will cut her some slack LOL. Which, by the way, leads me to my congrats to Kandice for breastfeeding TWINS for the last 9 weeks and still plugging away. I know how much damn hard work this has been for you, and you have had persistance that amazes me, the patience of a saint, a thankfully amazingly supportive husband and I am SO proud of you and what you have accomplished. You're my hero!

(insert Wind Beneath My Wings Music)

Oh crap there go those tears welling up again. I think I cry all of December....its a yearly thing. Mike reminded me yesterday that I cry when I hear my favorite Christmas songs. Emotional basketcase.

Hahahaah I added the blurb about Wind Beneath my Wings and now I am laughing again.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kids Stress Too

While watching our trash tv (America's Next Top Model) we saw this ad for the first time. The little blonde girl at the end brought tears to my eyes. Everything is bringing tears to my eyes. I need some freakin' sleep before I cry myself dry. (this is where you say, Karlynn, STOP BLOGGING and go to BED!) and I shall.

An exerpt from the Youtube explanation:

As one of their major assignments, each of three groups of students selected a target age group and a relevant health topic for that group. The students then translated the latest research on that health topic into an appropriate visual medium for their audience.One group selected children and stress. They realized that they needed to target parents and decided that a public service television announcement would be the best medium for disseminating information about stress among kids. Working with, a program of the Psychology Foundation of Canada, a local filmmaker and child actors, the group produced a 30 second public service announcement that is currently airing on City TV Edmonton and Calgary."There are so many pressures on kids that we thought it would be good just to raise awareness of it," said Emily Handford who, along with Karen Ross and StephanieYan, produced the dramatic commercial that puts children in adult situations, to communicate the fact that children suffer from stress as much as adults do. "It already had a well-developed website around it so we decided to make a commercial around it, to hopefully send people to the website and raise awareness about it."With a budget of $500 and the help of local filmmakers Tyler MacIntyre and Ian Ketehu, the threesome went about begging and borrowing their way to a television commercial."Karen had the idea of having kids dressed up in actual office attire," said Handford, whose team borrowed kids from their own families and a local theatre group. "The idea was these are some things that cause stress in adults, and although that doesn't cause stress in kids it kind of grabs people's attention." The group consulted with U of A sociology professor Lisa Strohschein, who conducts research into the effects of divorce and different stressors on children, to help develop the commercial's theme, and then put it into script form on the advice of Silvana Babchishin, a television commercial writing instructor. From there it was a day of lights, camera, action.

Website here

Silver Bells....

Another Pagan tradition that has shifted over to the commerce of Christmas, the bell.

Originally, bells were rung loud and clear in the hope of chasing away the dark and evil spirits that roamed the long winter nights. Bells were also thought to chase away darkness itself, so when one awoke, you would ring bells to hasten the return of longer days.

Not only that, bells were used in ancient dances to "ring out the old, and ring in the new" Gee, why does that sound so familiar? Solstice isn't the "beginning of the new year" in fact. The whole year is a circle with no start, but funny how this tradition was adopted to New Years.

I have no bell craft to make, dammit. Oh well, off to make more snowflakes LOL. My house looks like a winter wonderland....

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

For All You Star Wars Fans.....

Oh god, well, Mike and I are having a blast going through the Robot Chicken clips on Youtube. This one made my stomach hurt from laughing and I literally was crying..

What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon!!!???

For My Mac Girl Brandy

Tho I am sure she's watched it, perhaps many of you haven't...and Mike and I just laughed our asses off.

Growing Food Security For Alberta

I found this link on the Edmonton Foodbank website and thought it very interesting....

What is Food Security?

Food security is widely described as the condition in which all people at all times can acquire safe, nutritionally adequate, and personally acceptable foods in a manner that maintains human dignity.

Food Security is everyone's business.

Food Security includes the circle of:

  • Planting
  • Growing
  • Harvesting
  • Transporting
  • Shopping
  • Preparing
  • Eating, and
  • Preserving our environment.

Food Security means Equity and Choice at every point.

Growing Food Security in Alberta (GFSA) has come to understand food security as the satisfaction of five elements:

  • Availability - sufficient supplies of food for all people at all times
  • Accessibility - physical and economic access to food for all at all times
  • Acceptability - culturally acceptable and appropriate food and distribution systems
  • Adequacy - nutritional quality, safety, sustainability of available sources/methods of food supply
  • Action - ensuring the social and economic infrastructures are in place to enable action that will ensure the previous four elements of food security.

You can visit the site here .

Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Morning Coffee and Cry

Nothing like a good cry to start your week. I found this blog thru Parentdish, about a girl who in memory of her grandfather, is making the world a better place, one day at a time, for the next 25 days.

Yeeesh I am going to go dry my eyes after that. She is making a "button" that you can place on your site to show that you are participating, if anyone wants to add it.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Sunday Night Non-Aggravating Craft

Contrary to what I usually spout, I DO like being crafty. However (in my ripe old age) I don't have the inclination for big projects (unless its curtains or something to beautify the house, then I plug away) and its definitely not something I enjoy taking up my evenings. Given the choice between a great book and a craft, the book wins every time.

I do enjoy, a quick, fun craft, and this 3D snowflake is exactly that. I whipped up 2 tonight, one by myself, then one with K. Very fun and absolutely beautiful when you're done! Its hard to believe it's made with paper.

Tutorial below:

I would like to find some silver paper next and try it, the possibilties are endless! We will be making quite a few more to hang from the ceiling in the house, I just love' em. Mr K helped out, but this is a great one for an older child to attempt by themselves.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

EXACTLY How I Feel When I Drink My New Mint Bailey's

Laugh for the Day

Mr K and I were having lunch today and he piped up all excited :

"Mom, I can hear the ocean when I put my hotdog in my ear!!"

At least I got the ketchup out of his hair before preschool.....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Yule Log

This is somewhat of an inside family joke, so no one else will find it funny most likely. Let's just say too much wine at the party and Christina asking me to exchange Yule logs this year, with my first wine-distorted, music-too-loud thought was that she was being perverted LOL.

But since we are actively participating in the Winter Solstice this year, which entails learning about new traditions for Mr K, I thought I would post some along the way till the 22nd. (the Princess doesn't care, all she does is shriek Santa! Christmas! Snowman! Reindeer! Christmas lights!" We'll try next year. )

From (you guessed it!) Wikipedia:

A Yule log, sometimes known as the Great Ashen Faggot[1], is a large log which is burned in the hearth as a part of traditional Yule or Christmas celebrations in some cultures. It can be a part of the Winter Solstice festival or the Twelve Days of Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Twelfth Night.

The expression "Yule log" has also come to refer to log-shaped Christmas cakes, also known as "chocolate logs" or "Bûche de Noël".

In the U.S., the Yule log has also become a modern tradition in the form of a TV screen in one's home showing video of an actual Yule Log burning in a real fireplace. The video is accompanied by Christmas music, actual crackling fire sounds, or both at the same time. This is now a very popular trend on DVDs, but it began on a whim in 1966, by Fred Thrower, former TV programming director for WPIX in New York City, who wanted to offer a Yule Log for the majority in New York City who had no real fireplace of their own. It has been offered for several hours each year (on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day) as a video greeting card to viewers, and is syndicated across the U.S. Many others have offered their own versions over the years on TV, and in all video formats.


In Northern Europe, winter festivities were once considered to be a Feast of the Dead, complete with ceremonies full of spirits, devils, and the haunting presence of the Norse god, Odin, and his night riders. One particularly durable Solstice festival was "Jol" (also known as "Jul" and pronounced "Yule"), a feast celebrated throughout Northern Europe and particularly in Scandinavia to honor Jolnir, another name for Odin. Since Odin was the god of intoxicating drink and ecstasy, as well as the god of death, Yule customs varied greatly from region to region. Odin's sleeping sacrificial beer became the specially blessed Christmas ale mentioned in medieval lore, and fresh food and drink were left on tables after Christmas feasts to feed the roaming Yuletide ghosts. Even the bonfires of ancient times survived in the tradition of the Yule log, perhaps the most universal of all Christmas symbols.

The origins of the Yule log can be traced back to the Midwinter festivals in which the Norsemen indulged in nights filled with feasting, "drinking Yule" and watching the fire leap around the log burning in the home hearth. The ceremonies and beliefs associated with the Yule log's sacred origins are closely linked to representations of health, fruitfulness, productivity, and regularity. In England, the Yule was cut and dragged home by oxen or horses as the people walked alongside and sang merry songs. During winter, towns people would gather these large logs to be ridden, like a modern sled, down embankments of ice and snow. It was often decorated with evergreens and sometimes sprinkled with grain or cider before it was finally set alight.

In Yugoslavia, the Yule log was cut just before dawn on Christmas Eve and carried into the house at twilight. The wood itself was decorated with flowers, colored silks and gold, and then doused with wine and an offering of grain. In the area of France known as Provence, families would go together to cut the Yule log, singing as they went along. These songs asked for blessings to be bestowed upon their crops and their flocks. The people of Provence called their Yule log the tréfoire and, with great ceremony, carried the log around the house three times and christened it with wine before it was set ablaze.

To all Europeans, the Yule log was believed to bring beneficial magic and was kept burning for at least twelve hours and sometimes as long as twelve days, warming both the house and those who resided within. When the fire of the Yule log was finally quenched, a small fragment of the wood would be saved and used to light the next year's log. It was also believed that as long as the Yule log burned, the house would be protected from witchcraft. The ashes that remained from the sacred Yule log were scattered over fields to bring fertility, or cast into wells to purify and sweeten the water. Sometimes, the ashes were used in the creation of various charms, to free cattle from vermin, for example, or to ward off hailstorms.

Some sources state that the origin of Yule is often associated with an ancient Scandinavian fertility god and that the large, single Log is representative of a phallic idol. Tradition states that this Log was required to burn for twelve days and a different sacrifice to the fertility god had to be offered in the fire on each of those twelve days.


Sometime in the late 18th to early 19th century, a fascimile of the Yule Log became a traditional French desert. Usually, it is in the form of a large rectangular yellow cake spread with frosting and rolled up into a cylinder - one end is then lopped off and stood on end to indicate the rings of the "log." This "Bûche de Noël" became a traditional Christmas desert, and has recently spread to other regions, where it is often referred to as a yule log.

I think I will skip the parts about" the god of intoxicating drink and ecstasy". However, I think I might ask Christina to bake a Yule Log for the open house.....I think our Yule log is permanently in our fireplace...perhaps we will just turn it on for 12 days ;) The only thing I will be christening with wine is my throat, and I won't have ashes afterwards to ward off vermin, but I will have a toasty house!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Add Youtube to My List of Hates

The great breast-feeding debate raged on Tuesday, after YouTube's removal of a breast-feeding video
sparked yet another nursing controversy, according to a mothers'
YouTube is the latest new media site to ban nursing images, following
actions at MySpace and Facebook, according to the League of Maternal Justice.
Bill Maher stoked the breast-feeding fire when he
compared public nursing to masturbation
earlier this year.
The folks at
the League of Maternal Justice weren't totally surprised that YouTube banned the clip, which was viewed at
least 68,000 times before disappearing, but they were upset.
"...I am
surprised that YouTube continues to allow explicit videos of women stripping,
physically hurting themselves, and starving themselves, all of which are easy to
find using simple search terms," League co-founder Kristen Chase said in a
statement on group's website.
I couldn't find the video on YouTube, but I
easily found plenty of other nursing videos, including one entitled Hey
Facebook Suck This
by Motherhood
The league asked why YouTube didn't just flag the video as
explicit. YouTube stated is doesn't comment on specific videos, but offered an
"It is our community that polices the site and flags content
they find inappropriate. Once it is flagged, YouTube promptly reviews the
content and removes it from the system if it is in violation of our Community
Guidelines," YouTube said in a statement sent to the Seattle
In an attempt to deal with any copyright issues the
League of Maternal Justice is reworking the video and plans to resubmit its new
version to YouTube.
I have no problem with breastfeeding, but I'm no
activist, and I didn't find the video offensive. You can judge for yourself by
watching The
Great Breast Fest Montage
A tip of the hat to Suburban Oblivion for flagging this

Courtesy of:

"It is our community that polices the site and flags content they find inappropriate. Once it is flagged, YouTube promptly reviews the content and removes it from the system if it is in violation of our Community Guidelines," YouTube said in a statement sent to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Reworded by Karlynn:

"Our community is policed by men with small dicks that think breasts belong in Playboy and to sell B-E-E-R to them. They promptly get all excited when they think its a video montage all about Boobies!! until they realize that those breasts are mammary glands with a purpose. They squeal like the infantile pigs they are and remove the offensive content. After they quickly surf porn to assure themselves that yes, breasts ARE FOR MEN!!! and that yes, THEY STILL ARE MEN!! after viewing that horrible video of breasts being abused, they quickly re-write the Community Guidelines to add breastfeeding as innapropriate.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Giant Pysanka

Karami's belly....
Need I say more?

Calgary Telus Christmas Party

Well a fantastic time was had on Friday night at the Telus party in Calgary, the whole family attended. Thanks again to Kandice, Dan et twin cuteness, as well as Alyssa for babysitting my heathens for that night. I owe you lots n' lots n' lots.

The whole family...
Wyatt and Christina looking very cute, in a hurts-your-teeth kinda sick way.

Trevor and Karami. I think Trev was irritated when the first words out of my mouth this weekend were "Trev, what the hell, you have Oiler hair!! " (he's a diehard Flames fan).

Oh god, go pose for Gap already. For chrissakes.
And the non Gap couple LOL! More like an ad for what too much vino can do to you in the course of an evening.

Here's Mike smiling. No really. He just turned to me and said "I thought I smiled at you for this picture???" He's smiling inside, I just know it.
All dressed up and somewhere to go for a change. Amazing what a bustier can suck in! Couldn't breathe or eat, but I looked slimmer. LOL just kidding I ate like a horse! The food was fantastic, the stuffing had apples and cranberries and walnuts in it and I need to try it this Christmas...the mousse was a layer of dark and a layer of white chocolate..I just made myself hungry...
Jen, us and Damian our wedding photographer that we run into every year or so. He has worked for Telus for years but this is the first time we have run into him at a work function. And every year he nags me to get my wedding negatives off of him...I think we just might get them this year.
Myself,Lynn and Jen.. Lynn is due 4 days after Karami, so many babies coming this spring!
Us, Lynn and Chris, and Jen and Gaby.
I won the centerpiece, or correction, Mike won it for me . And I promptly forgot it at Karami's house. Whoops.