Thursday, September 18, 2008

What I Have Been Up To

I haven't really had much time to blog the last while, so here's the update on the craziness that would be us...

Last week my dad, Karami and Deklen came up to visit, and even tho everyone but Mike was sick, we had a really great time visiting with them. And gave Karami our cold as well, poor girl. The kids, as per usual, were all over their cousin, who is getting vastly more entertaining very time they see him. Or it could be that his toys are getting more and more entertaining.

So last week we were sick and had visitors, and on Sunday Mike put his back out and has been off work this whole week. So my days have been chauffering him between his chiropractor and his family doctor (every morning this week has been spent doing this, big ugh), getting them all settled at home with survival gear all in place so Mike doesn't have to lift or pick up anything, then heading in to work, getting home and into bed around midnight, then up with the kids during the night since Mike is comatose on his pain meds (he's on percocet, I keep teasing him about how HOLLYWOOD that is LOL!!), The Princess is teething and is not sleeping at all during the night, Mr K keeps wandering between bedrooms lately and is so restless all night, I was listening to Mike snoring like a chainsaw in the other room, (so loud) and then up between 6-6:30 to start my day allll over again. I think I had just had it last night when I ended up between the two kids in my OWN bed last night, sandwiched betwixt kicking feet. And then Mr K had an accident, so I was up at 4 changing sheets and clothing, I said to hell with it and I threw the Princess in with Mike and grabbed another 2 hours of un-sandwiched sleep after I cleaned everything up.

It sounds like I am complaining, but really I am not. Sometimes don't you find that you just collapse at the end of a stint of 18 hour days filled with all sorts of crazy running-your-ass-off-ed-ness, grabbing 5-6 hours of extremely broken sleep and just wonder how you did it? Thats kinda where I am, shit happens and Mike didn't mean to throw his back out, but sometimes I am amazed at what you ( and by "you" I mean WOMEN) can just get done and not stop to think that you might drop dead of exhaustion? LMAO!

SO that's where I am, the point where I have finally sat down, relaxed, have two days off work, and I think I fell asleep while typing this, I lost time somewhere... and that would be why no one has been sent return emails or phone messages and I am sorry!

And to ease my suffering, I also managed to start my red wine ( hey, priorities! My house may not have been that clean this week, but I started my next batch of wine!) MMmmmm...I call this the red wine for white wine lovers.

And tonight I also finally did some baking, my whole wheat pumpkin muffins extrodinaire.

Tomorrow is free swimming day for the kids at Mr K's school but I honestly think I would drown from lack of energy to stay afloat, but who knows, I'm going to head to bed early tonight and *if* the kids manage to only get me up once or twice, I may go with the little man and leave the two babies at home. (ouch, did I just say that? snicker)

There's also a picnic Saturday evening with the families from school that I am very excited to go to after this week, something really fun to look forward to!