Thursday, November 13, 2008


It sucks that:

Mr K is still sick, or got sick again, today with a cold and a fever out of nowhere.
I've had sick kids for 11 straight days.
I got a speeding ticket.
My dryer broke this weekend right after The Princess started her projectile vomiting.
I am tired of this GI virus and not being able to eat anything but goddamn applesauce and Lipton soup.
We lost Luna, its pretty much official, she hasn't been seen for weeks, and she hasn't been turned into the pound or the Humane Society. We've combed the neighborhood too, no Luna. :(

But on the other hand...

At least I have two beautiful, wonderful children.
Mike is a great help with the kids..
I coulda had a bigger fine with my ticket....
We have the funds to fix the dryer, not everyone is so lucky.And its fixed. And the 12 loads of laundry are done and my house smells less like puke.
Uh..well the GI virus will go away eventually. And I had toast just now! yippee!

But I really don't have much to say positive about Luna, I had her before I had Mike, she'd been around our whole time together as a couple, pretty sad about that.

And I am so wiped out (prob why I can't kick this damn virus) after taking care of two sick kids, still working all my evening shifts but one, and now taking care of Mike since he got fixed at the vet's (lol I like saying that, cheers me up!) but at least my mother in law is here to help entertain the kids, and at least we can get all this sick shit over with before K's birthday and Christmas!

What??? It can't be all sunshine and speeding ticket posts!

My Get Well Present For Mike

Well its been FOREVER since I have one of these! And obviously well deserved, from the speed I was doing! Well ok, I will argue the speed. I am not quite sure how I was going almost 70 going up Grierson hill right after turning the corner off the bridge. Seriously, how I managed to get the van going that fast up the hill to the Shaw center I'll never know.

So yes, Mike had the BIG SNIP TRIP this morning, then we went straight to the airport to get his mom. Poor man. This however, immeasureably cheered him up, which I proceeded to tell the nice officer as he ticketed me. Now after my beaking for years about his getting tickets, I have one, and I can't beak as much at him about his. Because I also didn't have current insurance on me, just the expired one. WTF Karlynn, you KNOW better!

Yah, its a good thing that I am darn good looking and had nice cleavage today. And luckily Mike had his crackberry so I called AMA and they told Mister Nice Policeman that I did indeedily do have coverage, but I was just obviously dumb as a stick, and to take it easy on me.

I really did have a great laugh tho, when he came back and handed me just the $113 speeding ticket and said "Well, the ticket for failing to produce insurance is $172, so really, when you think about, I just SAVED you 60 dollars today!"