Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Harry Potter

Read it the morning it came out. Loved it. Cried during it. Can't wait to re-read it.

Miss Me?

Darn. summer is busy. I am SO busy drinking iced tea and sitting in my backyard, I have no time to blog. Or rather, nothing to blog but pictures of my iced tea.

Sunday we took the kids to the Ex, then Brandy and I headed back to see Chantal Kreviazuk, who was spectacular, and sounded as good as she does on CD, no minor feat. My only wish is that we had brought lawn chairs or sat and drank in the beer was a very mellow to chill and relax and sip wine to...

But before that, we headed into the butterfly tent, which was really damn cool. Swarms of butterflies, like you would find at the Calgary zoo, but these you could pick up and touch and examine. They also would land on you and stay on you. See pic of Brandy below lol!

The sad part is tho that they were getting injured wings and squished on the ground by careless people. This one was beautiful, the only one I spotted with these colors.
I just really liked this how you can see right thru its wings.

Oh, and then Brandy spotted this sign on the way out and did we ever have a good laugh over it. I took a picture to blog it, very blog worthy. You know you have had too much to drink when...


I think we might head back tomorrow night to see Great Big Sea and take the kids. I think Kade would really like their music, and we would like him to see the fireworks as well. Plus gotta use up my passes too!

Other than that, not much is really new. Summer is so busy, but not busy. Time just whittles away and before you know it, summer is half over. The Heritage Festival is coming up soon (long weekend) and we look forward to that alllll year long. Auntie Karami is coming up again, next week, for a couple days. Lets hope she does well with her big walk for the Cure! Good luck!