Thursday, February 15, 2007

I am please to announce that for the first year ever, in the last 8 years we have been together, that the cost of registering the car was UNDER $200. Yes, thank you thank you, clapping all around.

What's even better, (or scarier) is that this year was 2 cars. The past years have been ONE CAR. Yup. ONE that always cost over $200. Lets just say thank god for photoradar or Mike wouldn't have a license. Ah well there's worse things I guess.

So now that that's finished, time to pack for Calgary, clean the house, make dinner, wash laundry, call peoples. F. It's 4:30 already and I just depressed myself. I need servants.

Oh My Yum. Hershey's kissables. Little mini candy coated kisses. Better than the egg ones that are out at Easter. Good damn thing they are only out once a year. I repeat. Oh My Yum. (and oh my ass does NOT need these)

Happy V-Day! I'm posting late because I worked last night so no time to post. So we didn't do much for V Day.

However at WORK, there are big bonuses to working holidays. Meat and cheese trays and buns, veggie trays galore, Telus chocolate bars, a little bag of chocolates, a cookie decorating station...yum!

All the phone calls were for the Keg, Earl's and Moxie's I swear. Oh, and florists. You just know that the guy looking for a florist at 9'oclock at night is either in the doghouse already, but most assuredly is going to be in it very, very soon!

"oh'am...can I have a florist....any florist.... *whimpers* pleasegodlettherebeafloristopen..."

My better half..well, lets just say that Season 6 of Buffy and chocolates GA-lore are the way to my heart! I can't wait till tonight!(to watch Buffy of course!) xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ok, So some people would expect a defense rant here. What can I say, I'm too busy laughing over my wife's smart assed blog/gloat about my tickets.

Now, let's get to the real reason for the tickets.

It's an attention ploy .. my only way to turn her eyes from Buffy to pay attention to me..

Ok not really. What it boils down to is that she can't get speeding or parking tickets, and why? Because i'm always driving and she's always "assisting" (and by assisting I mean in a manner of guiding me with pleasing tones and nice words about how to properly start said automobile, turn said wheel of said automobile and drive said automobile to and fro from one location to another).

How can she get tickets when she's sooo busy helping ensure I drive well..



Now I know why I get tickets... It must be all her teachings!

So every year, around car registration time, Mike starts holding his breath. Every year, like clockwork, we go to register the car and there's some sort of fine to pay as well. EVERY YEAR. And let me just say for the record, none of them are mine. Not that I am the best driver ever, but literally none of the tickets have ever belonged to me. So Mike just loathes this time of year with its inevitable lecture about speeding.

So this year we get our registrations and there's no fine! Miracle of miracles! How will we spend this extra windfall?

Then we tried to pay online with AMA and it wouldn't let us....strange. Well, maybe its because we were a couple days late.

Then we opened the mail yesterday, one from Alberta Justice. And as soon as we looked at it, we started holding our breaths. Who's to blame this year? And as sure as I am about my driving, I still was chanting inside my head, let it be mike's, let it be mike's...(it doesn't even matter WHAT the ticket is for, its WHO got it!).

A parking ticket! Of all the lame things to get, a parking ticket. I look at the plate # and weehoo!! its Mike's car. So of course, I start my dance of joy until Mike looks at the date and says, "Hey now, its in Janurary and YOU are the one parking downtown with MY car!!!"

Oh. I started sputtering out how it just couldn't be mine, that I always pay my meter or parking lot fee. And Mike just grins and says something to the effect of how great he is and how its about time. Then he pops out to Sobey's.

Ok, I scoured that letter. I took a magnifying glass to it, I compared dates to my shifts (this is a serious competetion between us, let me tell you. Serious stuff here.) And I couldn't figure out how I got a ticket on a day I didn't work! Then I looked at the dates and realized that the conviction date was in January but the offense date was October 26th last year.

I didn't start work until January this year, so in fact, the ticket was Mike's.

*******Snoopy dance of joy***********

Poor Mike was crushed, he really thought he had it this year. hee hee hee.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ok, I changed the settings so now nonbloggers can comment as well. And Kandice informed me that Spike returns in the last season of Angel, so that will definitely be my next obsession to watch.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Its been a long time since I've loooved/crushed a character on a show so much. I'm rather annoyed that I only have two seasons of Buffy left to watch. Then what, I can watch Angel? I was ok with that until Spike arrived. Where's the Spike show dammit?!!!

This wasn't actually supposed to be rant blog, contrary to Mike's belief LOL. I think he jinxed me because cripes, is there a lot to rant about.

Starting with last night at about 11...K wakes up crying, poor buddy. He won't settle, but no problem, Mike picks him up to carry him into our room to sleep with Daddy for the night. Well, right as soon as Mike gets to the bed, Mr K throws up DOWN MIKE'S BACK! HA! I actually laugh in retrospect, and dammit, I didn't get to see this event. You can picture it, he's carrying him ,K's resting his head on dad's shoulder and....blaaaarghhhh....(mike probably doesn't find this at all amusing)

So fine, Mike cleans up everything, settle's him into bed and showers. Then K throws up again, all over the new clean bedding and towels. Sigh.

SoSo The Princess is up too by this point and the whole family is partying into the night. Faaaar into the night. Two o'clock before the Princess party winds down, and I have to be up by 5 for work. Weehaw. Go to work, get furlow at 10:15 and come home. The Princess won't nap so I am shit out of luck for sleep.

No date night tonight for the 8th anniversary of our first date (we don't celebrate Valentines, we celebrate the 11th when our first date was). We were going to go out for East Indian food. BY OURSELVES!!!! Sigh.

But there's nothing like watching your significant other taking gentle care of your son, cleaning up puke from the carpet, doing midnight laundry and telling you to go get some sleep and that's he's got it all under control, to remember why you are still with them, 8 years after that first date....cause you can get flowers from any guy, and romantic dinners are a dime a dozen, but his ability to handle Pukefest '07 is why I keep him :)

Happy Anniversary honey, I love you!