Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Love Affair

Mike is out tonight to see Everclear, Tupelo Honey and these guys, Marianas Trench at Cowboys here in Edmonton. If I had been smart and listened to their music before tonight, HE would be at home with the kids and I would be out. I have fallen instantly in love with this song, and working my way thru their album as I write.

Its much better without the words bleeped LOL, Its one that I have to wait until the kids go to bed to listen to.

And I put a link to Brandys music blog, on my links list (that's a pretty lofty place to be, I tell you) she's always naming the songs I hear on Sonic and can never remember the names to. Some great music on there, take a listen! And leave lots of comments, she's an attention whore, but we love her anyways!

Off to listen to more music.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bone Weary

Oh my aching everything. First we spent the morning walking the trails at Rundle Park, then we came home and I did a ton of yardwork and planting. We dug out a small wee place for my climbing rose, planted 35 glads bulbs, weeded the front and back flowerbeds, hauled crap to throw out...and Mike decided to document it all in pictures.

So here's me planting my dalia, looking very impressed that Mike is recording it for posterity. All my pics had to be cropped because Mike was taking obscene pictures of my cleavage in all of them,except the one below where the plant is covering my cleavage. Last time he gets the camera. Perv.

But, I get to show everyone my bling! See those shiny dots on my kerchief? Its been bedazzled baby! Weehooo! Amanda bought me a bedazzler this Christmas (yes, you can still buy the bedazzler!) and this has been my only project so far. I like the way it looks so much (and matches my blingy shades) that I think perhaps I need to make another one or two in a different color. This is as crafty as I have time for people. Bask in my crafty splendor.

And Kade took this picture while I was weeding the front flowerbed. My irises are sure growing, just not as fast as I thought they would in the spring..

I'm sure there's more I wanted to blab about ,but I am just freaking beat. That was a lot of activity for the whole family today, the kids were in bed at 6:30/7 which was awesome for us. We all have a cold now, Ivy seems to have it the worst. The rest of us just have minor sniffles, definitely a cold, but nothing major. Probably because we have all been living on fruit and veggies for the last few weeks, strawberries especially which are loaded with Vitamin C. I loove plentiful fruit season. We bought a dragonfruit today, but the pics are on the kids blog. Take a peek they are pretty freaky but cool.