Friday, April 03, 2009

Signs of Spring!!

Ahahahahahh *she cackles wildly* it really is here! I cleaned out my flowerbeds to see what was happening under all the leaves and dead plants, and yes, spring is here! Even if my lupins are stupid (or desperate) enough to grow, um, through ice???

And I have hollyhocks all over by the fence coming up, yippee!

I Would Just Like To Say...

..that trainer Bob kicked my ass on level 1 of his dvd. Ouch.

Oh, and my son telling "that was SHORT where's the rest???" (as my thighs were in screaming, shaking, burning pain) . I politely told him mommy's muscles would stop working, she would become one big charliehorse and she wouldn't be able to drive the van anywhere if she even attempted level 2, and that even thinking about level 3 would send her to the hospital. And for god's sake, it was 30 minutes of hell, SHORT?? !!!!! Ok, I left out the hell part.

The kids "do" it with me, which entails them doing the fun stuff, like jumping jacks, then sitting on the floor when "its too hard" lol. Wish I could sit on the floor too.


Ah my hilarious kids. Last night Mike and I played Playmobil with them before bed, and Mike started singing YMCA while making the cowboy and construction worker dance. And this is point in case how your children really tune into things you say and do, Mr K went this morning and got the bin out, and set up a stage, with an audience, and then asked me to play YMCA. We are minus the Indian Chief, but Playmobil sure makes one of course.

And a couple gems from The Princess:

"mommy I love your feet, can I smell them?"

And while riding in the van with big brother, after trying to hit him and getting in trouble:

*wistful sigh*.."I like to hit people." (well at least she's honest)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Trumpet Vine

I have wanted to try this forever...and Walmart carries it in a ready to grow container for 8 bucks, so what the hell. It only lasts a year, but can grow up to 40 feet in tropical climates, so I figure if I get 8 feet out of it, I will be happy! The trumpets are 3 inches long, I really hope it blooms!