Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shits N Giggles

This was a prize that Mr K picked up from the carnival today. And Mike & I can't stop laughing.

A Taste of Italy...

I thought I would tackle some Italian foods this weekend, and they turned out fantastic. Dinner was a hit with everyone, and Mr K had the most fun with his new word, polenta. He wandered around saying "poooooo-lentaaaaaa" after dinner LOL, it really is a fun word.

So the poooo-lentaaa, I made it with parmesan and basil which was really tasty. I didn't realize that it should set for a good 4 hours so I threw it outside for about 1/2 hour, that did the trick. Nothing like -20 to set food. Then because I wanted them round, I used a glass to cut them out.

This just made me laugh. Mike was being an ass with the camera. Let's just say there were, key word being were, also unflattering pictures of me getting various items from bottom cupboards. My jeans put plumbers to shame. BUT it shows the lovely new apron that Melissa made me for Christmas! Martha never looked this good I tell you.
The Italian seasoned rib-eye....fennel,oregano with artichoke marinade. Throw them into the oven on broil (the polenta is SOOO good crisped on the outside) for about 7 minutes each side.
The finished product, polenta with an artichoke/sundried tomato topping, fresh tomatoes and the steaks. The recipes are really long and I am too lazy to type them out, let me know if you want them and I can send you them.

My dessert totally was a flop, I miscalculated the stooopid gelatin and didn't have enough. ( or it was the two glasses of wine blurring my vision as I read the recipe... hmmm...note to self....) So it was pumpkin pudding on a graham crust instead of pumpkin squares. Still tasted good, but I won't make it again for all the effort it was. Floppity flop flop.

Tomorrow night is Jiffy Jambalaya and I can't wait! MMmmmmmm....

More on the B-DAy Party

So I've managed to pry a bit more out of Mr K about the little boy at preschool and it just made me more confused about what to do LOL!

I had asked Mr K about him, and if he played with him, and he replied "He's a really rude boy". And K says he plays with other kids, not this little boy. Now I still don't know who he is, but I guess Mike does, he worked from home a couple afternoons this week and picked up K from preschool as a surprise. So Mike's polite version of this kid is that he's um, a wee bit out of control.

Ok, so now how do I go about explaining the intricacies of not going to a party just because you are invited? Now I feel stuck, because its not ok to go to a party of someone you don't like, just because a party would be fun (and K has made it pretty clear that he doesn't like this boy) . I mean, K is 4, this is getting into more heavy thought than need be at this point for Pete's sake!

And there's the other part, I don't want to "label" this child in K's head, because K hasn't come right out and said "I don't like him". I don't like putting words in my children's mouths or ideas in their heads. He has simply said he's rude to kids, rude to the teacher, and that he doesn't play with him. So I don't want to say "Oh, K, well, that means you don't like him so we don't go to the party", because then bingo, Mom's put that thought into his head. And to be honest, I don't like that saying, I would rather teach him that sometimes we aren't able to play well with certain people, that we have others that match us better for friends.

And stupid me sat right beside K's preschool teacher today at the winter carnival and didn't even think to ask her about the boy, whether perhaps there's a learning disability, or he's just having a hard time getting used to a preschool environment etc. Honestly. The sugar from the mini-donuts clouded my brain obviously. Look man, there was a unicycle and bright lights and this old Irish guy with a top hat juggling on it....I was thinking of other things.

See, I'll just sort through all this for the first time with him, then by the time The Princess is in preschool I will know what to say and do LOL! I still have a couple weeks to RSVP, so I think I will talk to the teacher, and go fairly early and watch them on the monitor and see what's what.

Aaah, if only everyone else in the world had such trivial things to worry about...oh...what a world it would be....;)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Birthday Invite From Preschool

I am sure that SOMEONE else must have gone through this. Mr K came home with an invitation to a fellow classmates birthday party on Tuesday after preschool. Which would usually be a cause for excitement for me, that he's making new friends and generally things are going well there.

But, I have no clue who this kid is. I have been in the classroom, not last month, but I have NO idea who this child is. Never even heard of him, never met him while volunteering, zip. I scanned today the nametags out for the kids, and I didn't see this child's name.

Not only that, but its a McDonalds party. And yes, I know I can't shield him from these forever, but they are on my bottom three most loathed places for parties, only trumped by Paintball for adult parties and anyplace that involves a shower of some type and the accompanying games.

So of course, Mr K is soooo excited. I have no idea who this kid is, why K is invited, and I am that kind of person that just feels guilty at saying no.

The sap part of me thinks maybe the little boy doesn't have any friends yet and invited the kids from his preschool class (and there go my bloody heartstrings being tugged) because he doesn't know anyone else. Then I get all teary-eyed and sad for this little boy who has no friends. Drama queen me.

The other part of me can be so anti-social when she wants to be and doesn't want to meet new people. This means I have to go and TALK to another parent, meet them, and see who this boy is. I have my few parents that I know. A's mom is my favorite, shy, quiet nice woman who I got to know by trading parenting days. She's like me, just kinda goes, smiles at everyone, and picks up her kid. They actually probably all think I am a snob. At least *I* am not the one who drives the Lexis SUV, I mean, is it REALLY necessary? (like my blatant classism there? ) Oh F, you just watch, they will be the Lexus ones.

I guess I will try and find out more about this kid....but I just find it weird. The kids I would invite from preschool over here, I have talked to their parents, known them for a few months, and know that K gets along with them well. Not an invite out of the blue.....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

DHA and A.D.D.

From my Dr Sears Newsletter...

DHA and A.D.D.

Studies have shown that children with ADHD tend to have low blood levels of DHA and arachidonic acid, two key brain fats. Perhaps this is why other studies have shown that children who have been breastfed are less likely to have ADHD, and the longer the period of breastfeeding, the less the likelihood of having ADHD. The reason seems to be that breastmilk is high in important fatty acids, such as DHA, GLA, and ALA, arachidonic acid, and others, but prior to 1997 most formulas contained none or little of these fatty acids. Studies at Purdue University in Indiana suggest that many boys with ADHD have low levels of the omega fatty acids DHA, GLA, and AA in their blood, and tended to have lower levels of ALA and LA precursors in their blood than boys without ADHD, suggesting that these children were unable to make the fatty acids their brain needs from the fats in their diet. The boys with ADHD who had the lowest levels of DHA, GLA, and AA, exhibited the most anxiety, impulsivity, hyperactivity and conduct disorders. The researchers suggested three possible explanations for their findings: the children's diets were deficient in essential fatty acids, the children had a metabolic problem that prevented the body from converting dietary nutrients to essential fatty acids for the brain, or various lifestyle and dietary factors reduced the level of essential fatty acids available to the brain. For more information on ADD and ADHD
Click Here.


Breastfeeding Builds Brighter Brains
We can't promise that breastfeeding will make your child a Nobel Prize winner, but research shows that babies who are breastfed are smarter when they get older.

Children who were breastfed have I.Q. scores averaging seven to ten points higher than formula-fed infants. It's important to remember that these numbers represent averages for hundreds of children, not the effect of breastfeeding on a specific individual. So, if you want to raise the intelligence level of an entire generation of children, breastfeeding would be a simple and cost-effective way to do it.
Studies have shown that children who are breastfed get higher grades in school, even after other influences on school performance are taken into account.
The intellectual advantage gained from breastfeeding is greater the longer the baby is breastfed.

Smarter fats. One key ingredient in breastmilk is a brain-boosting fat called DHA (docasahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid. DHA is a vital nutrient for growth, development, and maintenance of brain tissue. Autopsy analysis of brain tissue from breastfed and formula-fed infants shows that the brains of breastfed babies have a higher concentration of DHA, and DHA levels are highest in babies who are breastfed the longest. Infant formulas made in the United States do not contain DHA. For more information on building brains with breastfeeding

Ok, other than being really creeped out and sad about the autopsy analysis of baby brain tissue (eff) that was interesting. I do like that they address the issue that people always rebut with "Well, really, WHAT is only 7 IQ points!! Its not even an argument or worth it! " (oh yes, the times I have read that rebuttal to these studies) I like that they address it in a community approach manner, its NOT the individual child, but imagine what, as a generation, the difference would be in its entirety.....and a reminder that it's averages as well. A lot of pro-breastfeeders toss it around like its a given your child will be smarter by that 7-10 points, but really, its an average from studies. Still a hell of a good average tho! I'll take those odds, thank you kindly :) Even if its a mere 4 points for my kids, but I mean, AS IF my kids are underachievers.I bet they are on the upper end of those bonus IQ points. (ok you know I am kidding. sorta. LMAO. Please, like I am THAT mother)

I do think they have something tho....those fatty acids are damn important for us, and feeding infants formula that is lacking them isn't going to kill them, of course, but there are just things that man cannot fathom duplicating either....nor come close to...besides being pro-breastfeeding I just find all this damn fascinating, from what we start feeding our children at birth (and what we should and shouldn't) with to what we eat now (and what we should and shouldn't lol) ..its all so interesting.

Cooking Spree

Not sure why, but I am on a cooking spree lately. It has nothing to do with healthy habits, HA, perhaps I just got into the habit of always making something in December and haven't stopped since. My masterpiece was yesterday, roast pork with whole green beans, homemade biscuits and homemade gravy. (I hear you thinking, WTF Martha Wannabe.) I know, its sick, I'm sick. I think it might have to do with the fact that I am sick and tired of winter food already (stews,chili,etc) and really want different tastes. Or I really am just messed up.

I made Chocolate Mousse recently and it was fantastic.

Chocolate Mousse

1 cup SemiSweet Chocolate Chips
1/4 cup Water
1/2 tsp Crushed Instant Coffee Granules

4 Egg Yolks
4 Egg Whites
1/4 cup Granulated Sugar

Melt chocolate chips and water over hot(not boiling) water.Stir in coffee.
Beat egg yolks until light colored. Add to chocolate mixture, beating to ensure there are no lumps. Remove from heat and cool.

Beat egg whites until stiff,then add sugar, beating until stiff again.Fold into chocolate mixture, then chill in sherbets or fruit nappies. Chill Several hours. Serve with whipped cream garnished with grated chocolate.

Today I am not so inspired to do much, I have a headache that hasn't gone away since Monday night, I feel like I am getting the flu but its not quite kicking in. Blech.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back From the Dark Side

Been a while since I posted, but it has been soo busy around here. Mostly busy with TV Seriously, we had a busy week getting back into the groove of preschool, my email went on the lam, and I have so many projects on the go..AND we borrowed Planet Earth [9 part BBC miniseries] from Wyatt. Really fantastic series, we have only the last 2 parts left.

Will post more later..we are all just wiped, we went swimming at Servus Place this morning, came home,ate, The Princess napped, and we went back to the indoor playground till supper. My eyes are burning from chlorine and exhaustion.