Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mulder Left His Calling Card...

I just always get the goodies in the secondhand books I find, this time its a card for the Eidolon Project Canada.. Paranormal Activity,Research and Investigation.

All Mulder jokes aside : COOL!!

Website isn't the best but there are a few interesting things on there.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Tacky Obsession

They're tacky and retro tacky and a whole new level of tackified, but I LOVE these stools! I had one a long time ago that the cat got to, then my mom bought me a red one that I have in our room upstairs and then I found this one for 10 bucks today and couldn't resist. I see them so rarely that I just have to pick them up when I have the chance. ONE DAY, I am going to have a retro rec room with a lovely olive scratchy material rounded couch (ah too bad they threw out my grandma's) and some other retro sheer TACK Lol.

The Weekend

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to everyone! Hope you are as stuffed and happy as we are! We had Wyatt and Christina over for supper on Saturday, so I made more food that I would have for just us, and of course, being the Martha wanna-be I am, loved every minute of the fussing and baking and cooking. I could do without the cleaning, so I think that I REALLY want to be Martha-who-has-a-maid-, plus Martha-who-has-someone-ELSE-to-run-to-the-store-because-you-forgot-effing-gravy.

I made my sweet potato casserole which only Kade and I like. So not sure if I will make it again for Christmas, but man, I think its fantastic! Sweet potatoes baked with milk and eggs and brown sugar to make it a little sweet, then a crunchy pecan topping on top. YUM!

I understand the use of buffet's and sideboards everytime I have people over, its totally another counter in my kitchen, which I always need. This time I made it the dessert buffet, and thanks to Dad's fantastic port that he made (this is next on my list to make) we even had a dessert wine. Oooh so fancy schmancy for just us LOL!

Then today we decided to go thrift shopping and Mr K was the deal finder, he found this mummy under a table, dragged it out and came running over "Mommy! I found a blow-up Mummy!!!" and of course I bought it, $19.99 for what turned out to be a completely intact, brand new Halloween blowup! Love it!

I am far too lazy to type out all my book finds so took a picture, which might have taken more time in the end, but I still *think* it was easier. We also found a huge kids Atlas which Mr K loves, and about 6 Christmas kids books as well that I am going to tuck away for few weeks yet.
I LOVE finding the ghost story books there, at $2.49 they are an entertaining read. Ooh and I picked up a Christmas craft book too, whee!

Ok, and this book made Mike and I laugh in the store, its PERFECT for a gag gift for some guy at his office! If you click on it and read the guarantee on the front its funny too!

So all in all we had a really good weekend, I didn't bother taking tomorrow off since its stat pay for me and Mike is home anyways, so I'll be in at work.