Saturday, March 07, 2009

Official Milestone

I'll drown my sorrows in a glass of wine as I write. We've passed a very BIG milestone of independence . The "attending a birthday party without your parents" milestone. WAAAAH!!

Yes, Mr K went to a birthday party at a gymnastic club with his classmates ALL BY HIMSELF. I worked today and The Princess wasn't invited (oh, that's another life marker too, when siblings start going to different parties than each other) so Mike had to drop him off and then went out with little sister shopping.

Sniffle. So it begins.

Friday, March 06, 2009

What's New

You can tell when I work a lot, I don't blog and there is a dry spell on here! So obviously, I worked all last week, and then this week has been doing tons of stuff with the kidlets and getting back to normal.

I applied for yet another permanent position at work (didn't get the last one) and should be sealing the deal come next week. It alleviates the stress a lot without having to worry about Mike's job, mine won't be one that's cut, so we have that reassurance knowing that. I will work mainly weekends which frees up my week to spend driving Mr K to school and spending time with them and Mike during the weeks, which are hectic for us and don't need to be made more hectic with me going to work every night.

Speaking of school, I am happier every week with Mr K's school. They have been singing lately, (his teacher is the music/voice teacher as well) and he's even sung in front of his class. I am astonished and ecstatic at the same time that my quiet boy has the confidence to sing in front of his class. Then to come home and sing for us as well. I think my jaw hit the ground when he told me casually that he and another boy sang a harmony together for the whole class the other day. What was REALLY funny is that the beat or the tune, the chorus? (see? I need lessons, I don't know quite the word I want here) that he chose was from Rihanna's Disturbia. If you've heard it, you know, the Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum. So he sang that while the other boy sang the "so-so me" notes they have been working on. Then he taught The Princess on the way home, and I have been listening to that for a few days now. I just laughed at his song choice, he LOVES that song. My top 40 boy.

The Princess and I are also going to spend a day with him in his class next week, we are both more than welcome as long as The Princess isn't running around wild. I haven't spend the day yet seeing that I couldn't find a sitter, not knowing that his teacher doesn't mind at all that we both spend the day. So I am really excited to go, and most likely will be there once a week now since The Princess is more than happy to sit in circles and do crafts with the other kids and listen to the teacher :)

I also almost cried today when I dropped him off. A bigger kid (grade 5) came up to him and said "Hey! K! Gimme a high 5 !" and Mr K did. Then K turned to me and said "mommy, did you know that some of the big kids are my friends?" Some of you know that he had some problems before with being scared of the big kids and not wanting to go to school with them at his other school. So to see this turnaround made me so very happy for him :) They have a lot of kids who visit his class once or twice a week and I like that these are obviously positive mixing of the different ages.

We are in the midst of trying to plan a trip to San Francisco/Los Angeles because Mike has two conferences that he has to attend. Trying to firm up the conference sponsors (this is all through his website business) is stressing me out. We can't plan until they pay up and sign and seal the deal, because we are NOT going to San Francisco on a lark in June for the heck of it. I would go when its colder here! So waiting...and waiting....and seeing these great flight and hotels specials that I just can't book yet because we aren't sure what they are doing. So cross your fingers for me that they hurry the hell up! We are new at this side business stuff...practice makes perfect I guess. But at least we know to book nothing till the money's in the bank LOL.

Umm.what else..we're just so busy sometimes, and I never quite figure out what it is that makes us so busy...besides Mike having three jobs with his fake day job (as we refer to it) and his real job=his website and then writing his book and me running my butt off during the days and then working most nights. Oh, wait, I figured it out ;) Oh well, its all our choice to be this busy, so I won't complain. Much.

I bought this today because my effing treadmill is not working properly, which really started my morning off cranky today. Trainer Bob is going to kick my ass. I know it. I feel the pain already. Can I have my treadmill back please? Sob.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Occupant Restraint Month

I see this sign every day on the way to Mr K's school and it never fails to make me shudder or be sad or both at the same time.

So I suppose that just like we should check our fire alarms for battery life, reviewing the seats and boosters in our cars is a good idea as well. On this site its also reminds us that as adults, we should make sure our headrests are adjusted for our height, its not just the kids!

Here's another site with a video . Nothing scarring, (of course, its sad) but it does well to remind myself how you DON'T have to be going fast to smash the hell out of a vehicle, just the average speed here in Edmonton is enough.