Friday, December 28, 2007

Toque or Tuque, Its All Canadian

Totally random, nonsensical post. I laughed my ass off at the Facecrack "Today's Gift" which was a "winter hat". Essentially a picture of a toque.

So I looked up both spellings and laughed my ass off at the definition of Tuque:

tuque [took, tyook] Pronunciation Key -

a heavy stocking cap worn in Canada.
Also, toque.

A tuque is a knited hat, originally usually wool, that is designed to provide warmth in winter. Sometimes considered Canada's national hat, all tuques are tapered and brimless, and they are often topped with pom-poms.

The tuque is decended from the toque, a fashionable sixteenth century women's hat worn in France and generally made of velvet. The French-Canadian Voyageurs borrowed the term and applied it to the somewhat similar knit hats that were a necessity for warmth. During the 1837 Patriotes Rebellion a red tuque became a symbol of French-Canadian nationalism. Today some consider tuques to be somewhat lacking in sophistication, and they are most often seen on children.

Ok I know I am tired, its late, but are we REALLY the only people who wear tuques? <--hate that spelling. And I don't know any of us who, um, don't own a toque and wear it, is there something we don't know?

We are all obviously lacking in sophistication.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Some Homespun Christmas Gifts

I thought I would post some of the ideas that our friends came up with this year, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they are crafty, homemade, and personally done. Not that I don't like all our commerical gifts, but what a fantastic balance we had this year. I am really happy with the way Christmas turned out, the kids weren't spoiled with too many toys and enjoyed Christmas. You know its a success when your mother turns to you and tells you that she is so impressed (I think I even got it on tape!) that the kids took time to play with each toy, instead of ripping through them. It took us a looong time to get through the presents because the kids had to open and play with each one, and that made me really happy. It was savored, appreciated, fun, probably my most enjoyable yet. And the fact that they still both get excited about clothes LOL. (let's just say there is a certain younger family member in our extended family that has received clothes and literally tossed them to the side without a thanks. Much to our collective horror lol)

On to some of our wonderful gifts..

Homemade reindeer pot by Brandy's youngest daughter, hot chocolate, homemade soap by her eldest daughter, and a donation made in everyone's name to Heifer International.

Amanda's "Movie Night In", I just made up the name but I think thats the concept lol. Popcorn and hot chocolate in pretty tins for a movie night, and an adorable homemade decoration.
And part of Beckies, homemade marshmallow snowmen on sticks, very cute. The kids ate the chocolates that were in there too LOL! Then some homemade decorations as well as color-it-yourself ones too.
And of course the t-shirts that Melissa made, but those are on the kids blog cause the kids are in the pictures, so I won't post it here.

I am still pouting that we couldn't make it tonight to Calgary, glad we didn't as Mr K just woke up with a hacking fit at 9:30. He is sleeping with me in our room with the window open a crack and the humidifier going, nice cool,moist air for him to breathe in. I don't think Jen would have appreciated that in her house LOL. Good damn thing I bought myself a pair of fleece pj's from Superstore, I am toasty in there with him.

Hope you are all having fun without me. Send pics! Maybe I will be down for New Years.....not that we ever make it to midnight HA!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmoose to Me... Merry Christmoose to Me....

My Boxing Day spoils...and only some of them LOL! I won't bore you with other pics of my new decorations. But I did buy new, non-shatter decorations for the tree and oh so adorable stuff!I went at 7 to the St Alberta Walmart and stood in line for an HOUR because they had two!!! cashiers on.

My additions to my weird moose addicted-collection.

And I was Supermom for Mr K today, he has been wanting this Christmas train since he saw it, and I promised I would go back Boxing Day (its $40 regular and I am too damn cheap) and buy it with a giftcard of his if he got one. (and hey, Mom benefits because I get to put it around the tree next year) And Nana did give him one, so I bought him this and Shrek 2. He has the croup (ugh) so we are staying home and missing our Calgary party (inset big sad face here please) We will head down when he's all better, but still, I hate to miss the party.

That's about it, did some shopping for my sister, bought myself Angel Season 3....managed to dick away the day until 3, can't believe Ivy lasted with my mom and I. We will be doing a whole lotta nothing waiting for Kade to get better and hoping that Ivy doesn't catch it. Blech.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas Everyone!

You can't have Christmas without some good ol' Boney M. Enjoy the flashback!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Yule!

Happy Yule everyone! We had a nice relaxing time at our open house last night, a shame that solstice can't always be on a weekend or an official day off.

Christina putting her "snow" on the Yule Log. Next year we are going to make real ones, and I am going to try baking one like hers. I would like to make real ones to decorate, and the kids will be old enough to participate.

These are going to be part of my Christmas presents next year for sure, this was from Mr K's preschool teacher and I though they were so simple, yet adorable. Hot chocolate with medium sized marshmallows, thus the "snowmen" in the soup.

Looks like I need an exterminator. Damn mice got into the Yule log last night...

Crap, there's one on my keyboard right now! Hmmm, how to get rid of it?

No problem too big as the saying goes.
Seriously tho, Mr K was the "mouse" into the Yule log with his fingers lol and Amanda made the mice, cherry bodies dipped in chocolate, hershey's kiss head, almond sliver ears then the face. SO adorable and really damn tasty!