Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yes, MORE Flowers

Yah yah my summer posts are booooring, BUT I actually find it SO useful for myself the next year, I know when everything bloomed, when it should have come up, where my forgetful mind planted certain

My echinacea, its kinda short! Its only about 8 inches high...I am hoping next year it gets to that meter high point....didn't really plant it where I want a stubby plant! Damn thing was $15 too, I feel ripped off somewhat...

AND our first raspberry! These are really large berries, and do you think I can remember which bush it was? Time to dig out the cards from the raspberries and see which has the larger berries...if it comes back after this winter, I am going to plant some more of this kind, that is the Princess's hand, but still a big juicy berry! Then the kids went and ate the green ones. Sigh.

One of my canterbury bell's came back this year, how pretty! I didn't get these blooms last year, and they are supposed to bloom a couple of months the second year, we shall see...oh, and its another stubby one! Its soo short, and its supposed to be 12-18 inches high! What the heck.

I had a lovely day at Brandy's, whom I haven't seen in forever, thanks again for letting us invade you house and feeding us lunch! It was a great day and the kids were so excited to tell Mike all about it when he got home.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


The two shrubs that I would most and have most recommended to people :

John Cabot climbing rose , hardy hardy HARDY, grows fast, the blooms are fragrant and gorgeous, it looks even better today than this pic from 3 days ago...I think I am going to pick up another climber at the end of the season and plant it..I have an idea and a!

And my mock orange, which I have extolled the virtues of before. Amazing, interesting to look at foliage, the blooms are short but spectacular and a fast grower!

And On a Happy Note..

Mike won a spotting scope with his raffle tickets, he's going to bring it home today. When he told me he entered most of his tickets into it, I was like " why would you do that! what the HELL do we need one for, we don't hunt!" (yah, can you tell how I grew up lol I assumed it was one for a rifle. who knew you could look at birds with one?)

Anyhooo, pretty cool for BIRD WATCHING lol so we are looking forward to taking it out to Clifford Lee and seeing what we can see! That was planned 5 minutes after we found out we won it!

Monday, June 30, 2008


Well I did get out last night, thank the gods, and the movie was wonderful. It was everything I had expected it to be for an Indiana Jones movie and I was not disappointed in the slightest! Harrison Ford was great as always, a little bit slower and creakier but I was impressed that they managed to make a great movie .

And we saw a TON of previews for movies coming out that I want to see, the Mummy is back for a third movie and I looooved those, X-Files (holy I CAN'T WAIT!!) Journey to the Center of the Earth, Hell Boy 2, the newest Batman, man, we could spend the whole summer in the theater this year!

My mood has improved but for the fact that I have to go in to work tonight for 4 hours. Its such feast or famine, I have worked something crazy like 7 out of the past 9 days, then Fri-Mon next weekend, I am just damn tired at this point, BUT then after that, I only have weekend shifts booked for most of the summer.....I just can't help but take the shifts when I can get them, but man, I am tired out. Its a good thing I like my job!

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


This weekend is THE SUCK, all in capital letters. I say this weekend because I am still in the middle of it, at work, and not sprung for another 3 hours (some of which is OT, and I am TIRED)

I don't mind working, I actually love my 7-3 shift that I am working. But yesterday after work I had to rush home and get the kids ready and all cute to head to a BBQ out in Spruce Grove. For some stupid reason, Mike's boss told him to bring the kids for the BBQ part. Here I had pictured a nice family BBQ at the end of a golf day for the guys (and some women.) Nope. We drive out there and its an indoor dinner with NO OTHER CHILDREN IN SIGHT. All adults. Noooo families. Which is all fine and dandy and I got over that, ( ok really, I didn't, I was so embarassed! who takes the family to an old golfing farts dinner?? ) except that we hadn't eaten supper and arrived for 5:30, when we were told the BBQ was started. So my starving children proceeded to attack the SUGAR CUBES meant for coffee like a couple of hyenas. At that point I was like f*** this we are playing outside.

So outside we go and wait for dinner. Which was served at 7. By this point my children played with pinecones, narrowly escaped a few golf carts, found not only tons of cigarette butts but two cigar ends as well.

So we eat, an actually great steak dinner. Mike wasn't feeling great so he ate very little of it. The kids eat, then play some more. Mr K asks for dessert (which I, like an idiot, had told him there would be) and when told sorry baby, there isn't any (ISN'T dessert at a BBQ?? What the hell?) he proceeds to literally collapse in a heap of sobbing snotty teary heaving gasping crying. We carry said heap of sobbing snotty teary heaving gasping crying little boy to the van and go to Mac's for dessert.

Fine, done, Mike has his car and heads home and we follow shortly behind. I get into the house and am greeted by the sound of heaving and retching. Yah. Mike had waaaay too much sun golfing in +30 and spent the entire night until about 1 keeping us awake with the sounds of praying to the porcelain gods. Men are SUCH babies, can't you at least throw up silently? just kidding honey! erm, sort of...

That is what I missed a lovely Epicure party at Brandy's for! wheeee.

Then today, because I work (after my 5 hours of broken ass sleep and now taken on some OT to help out) and not only is Mike still sick, but I took the van and the carseats in my sleepless haze this morning!! They had a birthday party to attend, something that would have been a nice ray of sunshine in our weekend, but nope, not for us. So even if Mike wasn't suffering sunstroke, in my idiocy I cemented the fact that they couldn't go anywhere.

I'm also cancelling my trip to Calgary this week because its forecast for rain the two days I planned to be there, and I am not going all that way to miss a trip to the zoo AGAIN and watch my children destroy my sisters house because they are trapped inside and bored. I would rather stick a fork in my eye.

I am desperately holding on to the fact that SO FAR, we still have a babysitter tonight, I am getting off work in time (oh hell yah I am not staying any longer) and Mike and I are going to see Indiana Jones. He can sleep in the damn theater beside me and I will eat the popcorn myself (hardship, I know) but I am GOING OUT TONIGHT!

Only 2.5 hours left....only 2.5 hours left..... I managed to kill half an hour typing this out :)