Saturday, April 18, 2009


What I am thankful for lately (I think about it a lot, but its nice to verbalize. Ok, well not verbalize but make use of the written word)

*I am thankful for my job. I really, really like working here (hey, I have time to blog while working), the pay is amazing, and my hours are fantastic. I am so lucky that I found a shift that allows me to do everything I need to with my family. Everytime I come in on the weekend, I am so happy that I got to spend the whole week with my children, at my son's school and with my daughter. It gives me the false impression that I really can do it all ;)

*Every week I am more thankful for Mr K's school. The more I get to know the teachers and atmosphere, the more happy I am. I love that I can come in with The Princess to his class (unheard of for most public schools) and help out whenever I want, that I am forced to come out of my own comfort zones and HAVE to get to know the other moms, because there are only 9 LOL! And there are some that I really like too, and am looking forward to getting to know better. I also love that I am now "trained" to do some librarian duties there, since they are small they don't have one on staff, so I learned some of the basics to help out when needed. Fun! And I am so excited for him to go next year, next year he gets that one teacher that the whole school loves, that one teacher who just embodies fun, positivity, and zest, and if he's lucky, he gets her for the next 2 years, if there is still a split. I am so happy that for his first big year, he gets such a great teacher. My childrens schooling is such a huge part of my worries, that when its going right, I am so thankful for it, especially since I have been on the opposite end of having it eat me up with worry.

* I am thankful that Mike just has so much going on that could turn out to be great things for him. But I am ready for his damn book to be written already! And I think he's ready to have it off his plate...a few more months maybe.. but I am glad he's exploring what he loves to do.

* I am sooo happy its spring! I am sitting here planning on a wonderful day at Rundle tomorrow with the kids (while Mike writes, Boo Hiss, but damn, he's close to being done his re-write) and am so looking forward to sunshine and walking and the playground and a picnic lunch with the kids.

* I am thankful to be going out finally for my birthday dinner tomorrow night at Khazana's with some friends, followed by the movie Adventureland.

* I am glad my favorite Dr is back from his stint at the Alex, he makes me laugh, I really missed his warped sense of humor. Nothing like being hit on by a Dr who claims he has a wooden leg and a glass eye ;) Cheers you up every time!

*I am ever thankful for my little family, I can't help but want to burst with happiness watching my kids some days!

* Have you noticed I am in love with my new camera?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rundle Park

Some pics from the walk the Princess and I too today down in Rundle, Mr K has short days on Thursdays, and now with the nice weather she and I will just go take a walk for an hour instead of getting groceries like we usually do. Its too short a time to go home, and his school is 5 minutes away.

A lovely elderly couple, they were so sweet and caring to each other while walking.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Composter/Lawnmower

Yah, Scooby gets all her scooby snacks, right out of the kitchen lol. There is very little (asparagus) that she doesn't enjoy eating, I was talking today about how I am not going to bother composting with worms this summer, my dog, er, rabbit eats everything that is scraps that could possibly be composted. (you can't compost meat/dairy, so my little vegetarian takes care of the rest)

And now she mows my lawn too. Talk about green and efficient. Oh, and she also fertilizes it as she goes ;)

Aaand where the bunny is, my daughter is.

My allium are coming up! My big giant purple flowering onions, I am very excited about these!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


From the Calgary Herald..and I agree with the satire so completely.

Just Another Alberta Spring

Monday, April 13, 2009

Before There Was Twilight......

..there was Night World. Written in 1997 I do believe, (I am so not going upstairs to make sure thats correct) they have been re-issued obviously to tie in with all the Twilight craze. They were on at Walmart for about $9 each, each containing 3 stories, and there are 3 different books available. Unfortunately for me, I only grabbed the 2 I could see, which means a trip back to get the third.

I am very curious to see if they are as blasted needy, weak femaled and obsessive as the Twilight ones, or perhaps something I would let the Princess read later on. Of course, they are allll about teenage love, but I am hoping for maybe a little less simpering in them...

They seem to be a childhood favorite of many, so reading them at 33 for the fist time may not be the same. Oh hell, who am I kidding. I could pick up a Sweet Valley High and enjoy it.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Girls Weekend Day 2 : Spa

Saturday Kandice and I spent the day at Pink Lime, and went for the works! But to start out my day even better, Mike brought me home some lovely tulips :)

Then off to the spa!

First was a mud body exfoliating scrub, followed by being wrapped up like a mummy to let it all soak in. Then while wrapped up like said mummy, it was facial time, which was lovely. Then after the facial was done, it was time to shower off the mud wrap. Then after being all clean and de-mudded, it was massage time for an hour. During that time as well it was mud mask time for the face, which was so weird lol. It hardened into a rubber mask, you couldn't open your eyes or lips! You definitely CANNOT be the slightest bit claustrophobic to have most of the treatments, the facial has warm towels put on your face, the wrap is confining (but oh so warm and awesome) and the mask, well, like I said, no face movement except your nostrils!

Just some of the ambiance...aah...smelly candles..

Then after the body treatment, it was time for a pedicure, which also was fantastic. They did a paraffin wax on them too,ooooh so warm and squishy for my dry feet!

Then after that, cut,highlights and style. I am always happy with the highlights they do. I went a little blonder since summer is coming.
And Kandice's awesome cut,color and highlights.

Then we came home to a lovely dinner and chilled wine that Mike had pretty much ready for us. A very awesome day to celebrate our birthdays! I think its going to be a yearly event ;)