Friday, September 28, 2007

11 o'clock Escapades

Alrighty. Someone is busted. Not sure who just yet....we'll have to dust for prints tomorrow.

Mike and I were just getting ready to snooze when I saw light flashing onto the wall thru my big side window. So Mike went down to see what was going on, and sees someone taking pictures outside....who then hops into a minivan and speeds off recklessly, swerving, narrowly missing my neighbors dog, beer bottles flying outta the windows and hitting parked cars (ok I made that shit up). But yah, they drove away LOL.

So I notice all these on the lawn....(the balloon is an easter one i think..)

And written on the back of the "Be Mine" Valentine card is...
I either have some smart ass friends who were having FAR too good of a time cruisin' in the minivan, or well, a stalker I guess! The "be mine" kinda creeped me out.

Now. Melissa owns a minivan and Beckie owns a minivan. Who done it?

My guess? Brandy and Beckie had far too good of a time at the Goodwill. Am I right? Hmmm, tho Melissa does get crazy with those VBall people, and she's back in action......

So yah, I haven't had this good of a laugh since high school to be honest! Fits right in with the kinda pranks we would have pulled back then....god, Kandice, you remember the vaseline in car door handles trick?


And at least I blogged it first! Hehehehe.

Friday Night Therapy

Ah. Nothing like a little Friday night therapy. Yes, wine and bubblebath, I may not get to the bubblebath as the level in the wine is rapidly decreasing, but its the thought that counts. Mike was out at Save-On and picked me up the aromatherapy stuff. Note to men: if your wife randomly mentions she loves lavender, pick her up some lavender products and she will love you forever. Mike scored a 10/10 tonight for that one. Good memory honey!

The wine? Oh, there's a good reason for that. I needed new tires today, and after talking to Father Almighty (that would be my dad) I realized that I should cancel my Canadian Tire appointment and go to Walmart. I won't get into the dry, boring tire reasons.

Anyhow, get to Walmart. Walk in, realize that its the stupid "Celebration" event, and that tires are on sale. Whoops. Now we have three hours to kill.Three hours, two kids, one stroller. But a loaded bank card!

So we walked to Superstore, picked up some fancy cheese (which I was getting me wine to go with!) some Ham that the Princess started screaming for at the Deli. We think she is addicted to sodium. Then we walked to the Liquor Store on the way out to pick out a wine for me. I could have done without that experience.

I picked out my wine after looking thru the row of Australian Shiraz wines :

Shiraz, or Syrah (Persian: شیراز), is a variety of grape used in wine. It is called Syrah in France, Argentina, Chile and most of the United States. In South Africa, Australia, and Canada it is known as Shiraz. In Australia it used to be called Hermitage up to the late 1980s. It should not be confused with Petite Sirah, a synonym for Durif, which is a different type of grape. Syrah is the offspring of two obscure French varieties, Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche. (Dureza, native to the Ardèche, Mondeuse Blanche "White Mondeuse", native to the Savoie).

Whatever, really, I just am on an Australian wine kick, damned if I know the difference. Shiraz? oooooh sounds fancy! Ok ok hook me up! And it tastes gooood.

So after the princess screams that she wants out! now! in the wine aisle,we go to the checkout. Now, I shit you not, this actually happened. I couldn't make this up if I TRIED, people.

Mr K walked over to a display, picked up a 4 pack of pretty white and red colored shots in real shot glasses, plunked them on the counter with my wine, and told the cashier:

"My daddy always buys me these for a special treat"

I just about died. Literally died. I have the Princess screaming , my 3.5 year old son plunking down shots like he's bellying up to the bar, telling the cashier that "dad always buys them for him" and I am desperately trying to find my bank card to pay for that !@#$%#@ wine I just had to buy for tonight.

The kind lady behind me took the shots and returned them to the display while I somehow remembered my PIN, paid for the wine, accepted the lollipops the the befuddled cashier handed me for the kids, (wtf?) and just booked out of there.

I had a good laugh afterwards and so did Mike when I told him, of course.

The rest of the time was just spent screwing around Walmart, waiting for the tires. I am now off to enjoy that bottle of wine that was damn well earned today.

Have a good weekend all!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Memory Loss = Success

I went to place my green tomatoes into my cupboard this morning, and found a plate of these:

HA! From three weeks ago, my little experiment. I threw them on a plate into the cupboard and totally forgot they were there. I guess the cool and dark does turn them red. They didn't rot and they taste now the rest of them are in paper bags (to keep the ripening gases in) and maybe we shall see some more.... mmmmm.. watch, these will be the only successful ones LOL!