Monday, August 20, 2007

La Domestic Gawdess

I have been on a scone bender lately. I know. I am like the only person who is cool enough to do that!!

Here's some ginger scones that are freaking amaaaaazingly yummy! I took a pic cause I was like "wheeee my first real scones!" I also have now mastered ones that taste like the Safeway raisin ones that Mike is addicted to, and now we don't have to buy them anymore. (I have no life. I am a sad,lonely,gawdess)
Then my cupcakes that I made for Mikes cute! I love my cupcake holder and finally got to use it!

The bees seem to adore my Asters, and I occasionally see them chasing butterflies away. This one below was right pissy at me, buzzing and turning around and acting all weird-like. If bees acted all weird-like, that is.
But yah, at any given time, I can find 4-5 bees sitting in the middle of them...weird.

Then this is the bee I thought was a hummingbird, I kid you not. We walked into the yard and saw something flying that cast a shadow on the fence, and then hear a loud humming sound. Its HUGE. The body must be a good inch and a half long and the wings an inch wide as well. You can find it in the yard at anytime and hear it from across the yard because its SO incredibly loud. We watched it forever, K was fascinated, as were Mike and I.

I saw the movie Superbad with Amanda on Sunday night and it was so FREAKING hilarious in a bad, crude comedy way. Mike would love it lol!

Thanks again Melissa for lending me your camera... most of the pics were taken with it, and the flower ones turned out nicely! I guess its now time to start researching what we want to buy for a new one....sigh.

And now off to read Eclipse!