Friday, July 11, 2008


Ugh they look worse close up!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New festival goes green

Marta Gold,

Published: 11:03 am

EDMONTON - Festival City will add a new, aptly named Green Festival to its roster later this month at the Devonian Botanic Garden.

Visitors to the Green Festival will be able to see green, in the garden's lush plants and flowers, go green, with environmental advice and lectures, and spend green, on eco-vendors' products and services.

The event is aimed at helping average consumers become more environmentally friendly, says Emma Gilbertson, who runs youth programs at the Devonian Garden. "We're trying to make it a really educational event," she adds. "We're looking at every part of green living in Edmonton."

That includes composting, recycling, environmentally safer gardening, carpooling, using green energy - even housecleaning with less environmentally harmful products.

Half-hour talks in the centre's outdoor Pine Pavilion will cover the basics of recycling, or green gardening, for example. Vendors will be on hand offering products and services like green cleaning services or green landscaping using native and low-maintenance plants.

The Green Festival runs Sun. July 20 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Devonian Botanic Garden.

Argh and I am in Calgary that weekend, I would have LOVED to go to this!

How To Fill Your Brake Fluid

1: Realize on your way to the museum that your brake light is on in the console, put 2 and 2 together and remember what that pretty red light means.

2. Stop at nearest Canadian Tire.

3. Haul children out of car into pouring rain and into the store.

4. Find fluid, drag out daughter, who's immersed headfirst into the ice cream cooler trying to get a freezie, (yes! In Canadian Tire! By the do-it-yourself checkout, thanks SO much guys!).

5. Throw kids in van and let them run around rocking it like wild animals.

6. Pop the hood, get out umbrella, look confused, while perusing under said hood.

7. Wait LITERALLY only 10 seconds before a guy comes up and asks if I needed a hand (I am still laughing over the short time period)

8. Have guy read van manual, find out where the fluid goes, have him get his hands dirty pouring it in. Ok, I WAS nice and held the umbrella over him.

9. And finite!

Ladies, if anything goes wrong with your car, ALL you have to do is just make it to the nearest hardware/car supplies store, open the hood, and looks under it confused. I actually would have figured out where it went, but it was just so damn funny that I didn't even get a chance to read a single CAP under the hood before some guy came over to help.


My gallardia fanfare, I picked this up when Karami and I went to Hole's, and tho I was sorely tempted to buy the one already blooming, I resisted (the heftier price tag also helped) and grabbed a smaller cheaper one and threw it in the flowerbed.

Its soooo gorgeous! They are supposed to be ok to Zone 3, bloom from June to October (holy!) and if it comes back next year, I am going to make these the border around my flowerbed...I looove them! I am hoping to find seeds, but somehow I doubt I will....
Hehehe my little bird watchers being all stealthy waiting for the birds...notice the feeder is empty, I make those lazy birds come and eat the seeds off the grass first! They make SUCH A MESS! I think I am going to find a new place for it next year......just not sure where yet. You can see the huge sunflowers coming up beside it, I figured what the hell, let some grow. I have only weeded out about a 100 of them.

Other than that, we have been sticking close to home with Ivy's potty training, (doing a dance of joy now) and taking all sorts of small trips to the store, and to my work to meet Mike and she's been fantastic.I can't believe I have two potty trained kids! (runs around in circles with glee, cackling)

We are heading to the museum today with A and E, I am looking forward to the dragon exhibit! We were supposed to head to the beach, but its raining darn it..oh well, next week!