Saturday, October 25, 2008

Witches Hats

This really is a craft more than baking, the original recipe calls for you to bake sugar cookies
(with cocoa added to make them brown) but I cheated due to time restraints. I am proud of the fact that I managed to make the damn things, never mind baking the bottoms!

The bottoms I bought chocolate covered digestive cookies, then mini cones for the top. Melt chocolate in the micro carefully ( I say carefully because you can trash it so easily, or at least I sure can) take your handy dandy pasty brush, and paint away. By brushing the chocolate around the bottom of the cone and cookie you seal them together really well. We put mini tattoos rolled up in each one for a surprise, the original recipe uses full sized cones and a chocolate covered cereal treat mix. When I attempt this next, I want to use gummy worms and assorted "eeeew factor" treats inside full sized cones. With the real baked cookie bottoms ;)

Easy, and LOTS of fun to do with kids. Mr K painted with chocolate, and sprinkled the tops and had so much fun. I had told him about the project the night before and the first words out of his mouth in the morning were "when can we make the witches hats mom?"

And this is something on my list to make, a melon brain! Brandy had it at her party today, which funny enough I was looking at online last night, desperately wanting to try out! Its sooo awesome!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mac Commercials

A couple more that made me laugh... I love these commercials.