Saturday, May 17, 2008


I picked up a Saskatoon bush at Superstore today...due to a great summer cold I felt like shit and was uninspired to buy much else... a northern something azalea that will go in the front and that was it.

Blech, just want our (kids and I) colds to go away!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


...we hope! I planted my blueberries this afternoon, one of either side of my roshbush, and now we shall just wait and see. I bought some fir/larch mulch, lots of peat moss and black soil, dug out huge holes, filled them with the mix, and in went the bushes. Besides burying mulch deep down below the bushes, I also covered the top area with the mulch to make it as acidic as possible, perhaps not this year, but it should start affecting the soil within a year or two...I hope :)

Mr K enjoying the rain, and you can see where I ripped out the sod and used those grey stones to make a border, it goes the entire length, and top of the yard now, more that enough room for plants!

I have blisters forming tho, my delicate lily white hands are unused to all this manual much left to do...

Monday, May 12, 2008

I Can't Stop Smelling It!

My ultra fabulous, waited for 2 months super yummy smelling gorgeous purple leather purse is here! I don't usually blather on about my weight loss, I kinda don't like talking about it actually, I feel like its taboo, like like talking about someone's salary LMAO, but I think that Kandice and Jen knew I was treating myself to a fantastic , exactly-what-I-wanted-for-the-first-time-ever purse that I would love forever to reward and celebrate all the hard work I have done since, what, last summer I think? Definitely fall I started hard core working on getting healthier.

And she is here!

The pic above makes it look blue, the pic below shows the true color. And it matches the necklace Kandice bought me for my birthday, can you tell I love that shade of purple?

And once for the record, my total weight loss is 57 lbs since last fall, I fell 3 short of my goal that I set to be when the purse arrived, but I think I will cut myself some slack for not getting to 60. Now no one has to ask and I don't have to tell anymore ;) Oh yah, and I will never tell anyone what I paid so don't ask that either LMAO!! My parents might find out and lecture.... ;) (what am I, 12 or 32 here....)

I am going to go sit and smell new leather smell alllllll night looooong.... so very happy my reward is here! I was like a kid on Christmas opening the box!