Friday, February 20, 2009

Worth Every Penny

I hate taking self pictures. I think of all those people on Facebook who take profile pictures and try to appear like they aren't actually taking a picture of themselves. "Oh, I am so hawt, you caught me!" meanwhile their arm is half in the picture.

Anyways lol I totally digress. Went to Pink Lime, (god I love it there) but had a 50% discount this time around thanks to a girl I work with, whom I now love deeply. And they gave me a cut and a fantastic color job.

There's the "oh, I am so hawt, you caught me on camera!" . Thats me in jammies and 2 glasses of wine-moving-on-to-mojitos pic. Not so hawt.

They give the best haircuts I have ever, EVER got in my life. Regardless of the fact that the first girl cut it crooked. I went back with the kids right before Mr K had to go to school Thursday morning and had them fix it. She was a newbie, I will cut her some slack. But the girl who fixed it, she is one talented cookie. Most of them are. I can't take pics of how awesomely layered and easy it is to do.

I was supposed to go to a girls night out tonight, but was going to go into work. Then I was not going into work.There have been sick calls and someone had a death in the family, but ended up that I didn't need to go in tonight after all, but I do have to come in Sunday. Ah, what can you do. How can you complain when someone has lost a fmily member, I mean really. I can have another girls night out.

So....a bowling party for a girl from Mr K's school tomorrow, work from 7-3 Sunday, then out for Khazanna's buffet and "He's Just Not That Into You" right after. What a good week its been!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day

Hope everyone is having a great family day!

I had a lovely morning BY MYSELF, while Mike took the kids to the museum, then out for lunch. Family, shamily, I wanted to go on the treadmill and listen to tunes, paint my toenails, read my magazine that I have been trying to read for 2 days now, and surf the net. That was my morning :)

My cosmos are sprouted, holy fast little buggers. Good thing I put them in pots! I also have some Black eyed susan vines that have sprouted, I am sooo excited for these, they are absolutely gorgeous in bloom!

My grow op..all four levels are plants now lol.

My anniversary/Valentines present from Mike. We don't really celebrate Valentines since the anniversary of our first date is February 11th, we celebrate both sorta combined lol! He spoiled me and surprised me with the purse I have been sighing over for a few months now :) Sometimes he pays attention and just gets things dead on right and this would be one of them. Oh, and I NEVER get presents like this, so this is definitely the stars were aligned kinda dealy.

So Happy 10th anniversary hon xoxo. Jeepers, a decade since we met!

And we have our new neighbors in, and lets just say I am reserving judgement. After a few swears already about their 2 dogs barking in the backyard today. I am going to have patience and believe that their house is just too messy and full of boxes to deal with two LARGE dogs in the house and that they are not going to make a habit of leaving them out most of the day. To bark and bark and bark. In this cold weather as well. Cause not only am I cranky, but Lord Lamplightin' Jesus, they have NOT YET MET Mr. Anal-Retentive-single-old-dude-lawyer behind us. I wince to think of the conversations that will ensue. Or my other anal retentive neighbor beside me to the north. Or the anal retentive army dude beside lawyer who's dog has never barked in its whole existence I am sure, nor craps on the lawn. It would'nt dare.

Huh, I live on like the uptight block. I fit right in! Anyways, I hate pet owners who leave their dogs outside to annoy the whole neighborhood. There is a reason I don't have one, thanks, don't force yours on me.