Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prop 8 - The Musical

Have a good laugh, I love Jack Black!

Another Princess Gem

In the van today..

The Princess : "Mommy, we don't say shut up, cause then we get a time out"

Me : "Yes, you're right."

The Princess : "When I am grumpy with K, I don't tell him to shut up. I just hit him".

I almost drove off the road laughing. Gawd, that girl of mine, she's such a people person LOL.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loblaws urges shoppers to stop using plastic bags

Part of the reason I love Superstore is the wonder of their totes (I have three that have been smashed, crashed, played "train" in by two rambunctious children and loaded tons of groceries for a couple years now and are STILL in one piece), the fact that their carts are designed for the totes precisely, and the push for their bags.

This article today talks about it a little more, but it neglects to mention that at least one store is COMPLETELY bagless. The store in Airdrie where my parents live is completely plastic bagless, you cannot purchase plastic at all. You are forced to use cloth or bins. LOVE. IT.

I honestly think instead of the charging more for the plastic, that they should get rid of them in Edmonton like they did in Airdire. The cloth bags are 74 cents each. That's IT. Who can't afford an investment of $5.18 for 7 !! cloths bags??

Oh, and how fantastic is the $3 million to the World Wildlife Fund over the next 3 years?

I would love to see this happen. Just give a weeks warning, then poof, sorry, we do not sell plastic bags anymore.

I also wonder, has anyone else heard of bagless Superstores like in Airdrie?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

But On a Happy Note..

...dinner at Khazana's was absolutely FANTASTIC, the rice was the best I have ever had there (I had another helping instead of dessert, what does that tell you lol) and the movie Adventureland was entertaining.

And it was lovely catching up with everyone, and getting away from my children (as wonderful as they are).

I feel refreshed and ready to tackle my week!

Get A Brain Already

I had JUST commented last night to the girl I was working with, that "quad" season had started. I was looking in the emergency room program while searching for patients, and noticed that there were 2 adults coming in, one for a quad accident and one for a dirtbike.

Then I read that a 10 year old was killed today on, surprise surprise, a quad.

Parents, grab a freaking brain. Don't let your children operate a machine that is 10 times heavier than they are without supervision. Do you realize what it does to their little bodies when it flips?

PUT A HELMET ON YOUR CHILD. But you know what? When that 600 lb machine crushes their little chest, its not going to really help a whole effing lot.

Did I rant about this already last year? I am sure I have.What is really scary is that every night during the summer, I see that there is someone in emerg for a quad injury. I work in one hospital. ONE.

Quads are not toys to give your 10 year old to go for a spin with. They are incredibly powerful machines that adults have a hard time controlling properly. W....T....F people.

Rant over. Sigh. I hate that summer brings out the stupids. And they all end up at my work.