Friday, August 15, 2008

Another Vase-full

Just another vase full of flowers from the backyard, I am not sure which ones they are, but thanks to the birds (hey, gotta give credit where credit's due, it sure wasn't my planting) I have these awesome, perfect sized little sunflowers growing. I have several different kinds, I can tell just by looking at their shapes and sizes, but these are the ones I want to grow next year, they are the perfect vase size.

I am so glad that I moved those lilies from beside the front walk, I have orange stains all over my hands and arms from cutting them, the pollen is AWFUL for stains! It did make me wonder tho if indigenous people from wherever these lilies grew naturally (I don't think they are native to Alberta) ever used it to color anything in the past, (what a weirdo I am, honestly) but I looked at my skin and thought wow, what an amazing natural dye that is. Until I walked around with weird looking hands, not so cool.

Tomorrow will be the edible garden tour that Amanda and I are going on, I am really looking forward to it, not so much the 6 hours in plus 30 weather, but the gardens and yards we get to snoop in (hurray! and not look weird for staring!) and ask questions about. So of course there will be tons of pics that I will post,mainly for my reference, but you can take a peek at what we saw.

We spent the afternoon at the beach again, Mike met us there after work, and I am so tired but in a very good, spent time outdoors, summertime kinda way. I even think Mr K is sleeping, which is a miracle. I like that its getting dark earlier, I don't like that it means fall is on its way, but I do like that the kids are finally, slowly, getting back into their normal routine somewhat.

God, almost Backstreet Boys time, and the start of kindergarten. Which I try to ignore lest I burst into tears at the thought of my firstborn going. Sniffle.

Have a wonderful, hot summer weekend everyone! Get out those kiddie pools and beer!


Ok, we are watching Sesame Street as I type, and this snippet came on, Mr K is laughing soooo hard at it, without getting the irony and mockery behind it LMAO.

I am still laughing about the block corner lol. Aaaah have a good snort watching it and remember why we all looooved this show when we were growing up.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Canadian Idol - Fantastic

Ha! Not a mis-type or oxymoron (not this season at least). We are just HOOKED this year. I happened to tune in at the beginning of the season, and have been amazed by the talent. I think its because most of the finalists actually play an instrument this year, while I know it takes hard work to sing, I am more impressed by people who are out there, trying to break in, working hard, writing their own music, plying their craft. And most of these people are just that, people who have a love for their guitar and their music. I was just so over Idol, then the talent they have on this year have both Mike (a hard sell!)and I watching every week.

Not only are we watching, but the kids stay up and watch, this is Mr K's favorite show at the moment! He LOVES the guitarists and lives for when he gets to watch it!

This kid Mookie, (from Toronto, he is only 18!)I fell in love with as soon as I saw him sing Twist and Shout,if I had ever come close to "swooning", this would be it.He is so incredibly talented! You can look up more vids on Youtube and watch him and see yourself, this was my favorite tho.There's no way this kid won't be recording soon, and I can't WAIT to see what he comes out with.

And Earl, (good ol' Lloydminster) well, I have a crush on him :) he is Bob Dylan wrapped up in some Leonard Cohen with a dash of soul.

And Theo Tams,(Lethbridge) his voice just says it all. Its gorgeous and he's an amazing pianist.

I just want them all to win!


Sshhhh, don't tell work, but I miraculously have about 10 days off in a row! About time, I am worn out from those early morning shifts, wonderful to get off at 2:30, not so wonderful to start at 6:30 though!

I have my gardening tour this weekend with Amanda, should be very interesting, I am hoping for great weather of course. Then a whole lot of relaxing I am hoping.

The first bouquet I have cut, a gladiola, a lupine, and some larkspurs. Not sure what happened with my glads, I bought a 20 pack of ALL PURPLE. That is the least purple-looking glad I have ever encountered....there are a lot more about to bloom, so we shall see what I get.

Self portrait of us at the beach.

My lilies and sunflower..
And a visitor on our front lawn. I am not sure why they haven't eaten my garden yet....everything is still where is should be..maybe they are smart and just waiting for it to grow larger!