Wednesday, August 06, 2008


My second bunch of snap peas and yellow beans from the garden..mmmmm..steamed together they are too yummy!

My midget echinacea. Blooming profusely on these stubby little stems.

Luna loving the sunflowers. Not that smart, but we like her anyways.

I am again, totally exhausted, we had a crazy wonderful busy day, playground in the morning with friends we haven't seen in a while, then rushed home to get our beach gear and then straight off to the south end to play on the beach with Lynn again.

The Princess kept talking about Lynn and calling her Karlynn instead after we left the first time we visited, she's at that stage where its funny to call us by our first names. Mike brought me a coffee outside today and she piped up "Oh, Mike brought you a coffee mommy!" and sometimes when she scolds him she says "Miiiiiiike!" which has us just roaring of course. Because its the same tone and manner that *I* scold him in ;)

Mr K at the moment is not sleeping, and is asking me if we can buy a footwash and put it on the sidewalk in front of the house. "but whyyyy can't we buy a footwash?? " Well Mr K, they are only for the beach for your feet, says I. "Well I want to live on the beach". To this I reply "go ask your dad why he hasn't bought us an island" and off he is to find dad.

Speaking of which, said Mike had to gall today to say in a slightly disparaging tone how hot the week is going to be, at which point I told him to stop swearing in front of the children, and to just go stand upstairs in front of the air conditioner, and never let those words cross his lips again. I will NOT complain about the heat or the sun or the temp in the house. I am so glad to have some summer weather that I refuse to jinx it by moaning about it. I am so A-ok with hot!

JANE - I can't access your blog, you musn't love me anymore :( I need my hummingbird photo fix!! you nuked me! sniffle. you are just jealous of my Lupins. :)

And I will keep up on the blogging, my sister actually CALLED me today because I hadn't updated my blog in a while and she wanted to know what's up with me. Must-avoid-phone-calls-at-all-costs.....blogging it is! lol.

Hope everyone is damn hot and enjoying every sweat laden moment of it!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What's New

LOTS. But mostly I am dead tired lately, I took on 3 morning shifts in a row and my body does NOT like waking up at 5 every morning. Doing it again next weekend, whee!

Can't wait till the long weekend when K and I get to be cougars at the Backstreet Boys concert!

Our first wine batch is almost done, will post pics when finished!

The kids and I are spending lots of time outside of course, and will be living outside this week of wonderful hot weather, at last, the pool can come out again!

My parents should be coming up the week of the 11th and that will be endless hours of entertainment for us all. Perhaps mike and i will sneaky sneak out to a movie...ooooh!

We forgot our anniversary! I shit you not. We had a heck of a week, and a crazy day the day of, and I happened to look at the calendar on the 30th and said, oh crap! I'm too tired to relate the whole story, lets save that for another time lol! So we'll have a belated one soon. Perhaps when said parents are up to watch the kids. 8 years and our minds are obviously going.

More flower pics to come later on..just thought I would let everyone know I am still here and not just smelling the roses all summer.


Creepy evil guinea pigs... I looked at this pic Mike took and shuddered, they look eeeeevil! Wee beady glowing eyes, ready to EAT YOU!