Monday, June 25, 2007

Fruits of My Labor

Literally, for the strawberries, the fruits of my labor. That was rather fast, it supposed to be 30 days from blossom to berry, did a month really pass by, that I have ripe strawberries? I am pleased with the results so far, they are bearing large, almost store (pesticide ridden) size (lol) and damn tasty and pesticide free! Now, if only I can get Miss Rose to stop picking the green ones! Yeesh. She has discovered them and now I have to watch her like a hawk so she doesn't pick them all.

My peas, happily climbing the netting. We are awaiting fresh peas impatiently!

Aaaannnd my first red runner bean blossom! Its about time. These took longer than I thought, and the plants that I DIDN'T start inside, are doing the best. They have stronger, thicker stalks, broader leaves....I won't bother starting them inside next year, I will just plunk them in the ground come May long.
Purple lupines....oh I love these flowers. My mock orange that I forgot about lol. Just one of the bushes in the front, and I didn't remember what it was until it blossomed, and the smell is glorious, you realize why its found in so many perfumes, its amazing.
And my first real bouquet from my flowerbeds.

My dahlia, with so many stalky buds I can't count. It isn't the nicest looking plant,very spikey and stringy looking, but for cut flowers, my god, you can't beat it. And its so true. the more you cut the more it blooms, look at that thing! I wish I had done a couple more darn it. Next year.

My favorites....

Other than that, I am re-reading my Harry Potters in anticipation of not only the movie, but the newest and last book as well. I forgot how different the books are from the movies, the little things that they just can't add in. I am having a great time reading them and can't wait till the kids are old enough to enjoy them as well.
I have a team meeting tomorrow night, then work Wednesday night and then my weekend is free, and I do believe my mom and dad are up for a visit. That should be a lot of fun, the kids will be so excited to see them.
Hope everyone's having an ok Monday!