Saturday, March 17, 2007

Birthday Baby Brain Flowers

You know, its hard coming up with witty damn titles all the time.

Anyhooo, I digress. Kandice sent me some absolutely gorgeous flowers for my birthday, along with a giftcard to Hole's Gardening Center! weehoo! That's my girl , feeding my addiction. The flowers are gorgeous and since you never get to see what you send, I decided to post a pic of them. I can't take a pic of how nice the arrangement looks in real life, its just isn't as fab as they look in my living room. Very fancy schmancy shop type flowers LOL with all sorts of leaves and things I have no clue about. Beckie, what is that orange thing?

So thanks to Kandice for my beyond lovely present and for remembering. Remember, we are all exceptionally giddy about your baby brain!

Tonight my parents are in town, Wyatt and Christina decided last minute to come over for dinner instead of pub crawling. Now, that sounds sweet, but there were no tickets left for the St Patty's crawl, so I guess we are second fiddle.

As I type there are about 4 different East Indian dishes cooking, plus rice, Naan bread, a fruit tray, and a cheesecake simmering, cooling and waiting respectively. Oh, and lots of wine and beer of course! I will post my reviews after dinner, we are trying two new dishes that I loved at the buffet we tried last Sunday. We were supposed to go to a movie tonight with Beckie and Amanda, but I am already dead on my feet, having been shopping all late morning at 3 different stores to get the sauces and ingredients, then cooking since 3 this afternoon. Add a beer or two and zzzzzzz.....