Friday, February 06, 2009


More exciting than reading Playgirl at this time of year ;) , Superstore was clearing them out at $6.98 each, as if I could pass up two gorgeous Canadian Gardening hardcovers at that price.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Not only is the cover eye-candy, but its a REALLY good book! It is great to read about the guys in the Otherworld books to fill in the blanks. Its a prequel about Clay and Jeremy (the werewolves).

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Mike and I only had time to go to a movie yesterday (Slumdog Millionaire = FANTASTIC) so we didn't get to go out for the buffet at the New Asian. But of course, we still REALLY wanted some curries, so I made a big supper tonight.

I made the usual Butter chicken, tried the Biryani sauce from Superstore (not bad, you bake it in rice and I put chickpeas and cauliflower in it) and then made from scratch Palak Paneer which is my favorite dish at Khazna's. Its paneer cheese cubes in a spinach sauce, yum! The recipe is here and is pretty good, needed a bit more spices, I would 1.5 times them, but Mr K absolutely loved it, and he's not fond of the one at the buffet, so this one works for us.

And then easy peasy dessert, blueberries,strawberries and raspberries on a whitecake base with Cool Whip. And when I say whip I am pronouncing the H. wHip. Lets see who gets my humor lol.