Thursday, June 12, 2008


It may look like those creatures from War of the Worlds, but it WAS one of my Oriental lilies. I finally dug them up since my glads are about 2 feet tall and were buried just as deep, and this is what I found:

It sprouted roots like hell, then just rotted. What a waste of 10 bucks! And do you think I kept the receipt for my "it will grow or your money back! "? Nope! Bah on them.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wanna Know What Else Pisses Me Off?

Backyard Leisure Recalls Swing Sets Due to Fall Hazard

Hazard: Hangers holding the chains for the gliders can break, causing a child to fall and suffer injuries.

Incidents/Injuries: Backyard Leisure has received 114 reports of glider hangers breaking, including three reports of minor injuries to children. Injuries included abrasions and a child being hit in the head by a chain that detached from a hanger.

Yup. That would be our brand new climber! They had better have those mother effing new glider hangers here FAST cause I am going to be ultra pissed if the kids miss out on their 5 weeks of summer that we get.


Lead In Children's Place Pajama's

So now we have reached the point of excessive lead in children's clothing. I am kinda speechless with anger and frustration over this one. CLOTHING. That they SLEEP in, all night, that rubs against their skin. I just can't even rant.

Children's Place Recalls PJ's