Thursday, June 14, 2007

Still Here...

Yawn, and meh and blah and blech.

Let's see. Well, I gave my notice at work, for my last day as August 1st. I am very wishy washy about the whole decision, thus the long notice. It really IS getting harder to manage my work time and Mike's, and I have found a babysitter, who is really nice and the kids like her. But its kinda pointless when my wages go to babysitting. I'm constantly tired because I still doesn't sleep well at night, K doesn't want me to go and clings to me,(that's something that just started, no idea why, he has been fine for 5 months) and I am always too tired to actually do much with the kids the day after I work a late shift. Mike has to be more flexible with his hours at work now, eg, staying later, so that leaves me weekends. No thanks.

But on the other hand, the cash is nice, I don't work that many hours, I have a great manager who makes me feel appreciated, the stock plans and employee discount are great and I am good at what I do, and I don't mind it at all, once I get there. And K is SO excited when the sitter comes because she has a little boy for him to play with, so its a fun playdate for him. But really, I don't have to pay for a playdate LOL! Oh well. The door is open for me to go back when I want, but still. It's not easy to leave.

But days like today, where (inbetween the rain!) the kids are running around happy in the backyard, playing with the watertable, and we have played and baked and had fun, well, pretty easy choice!

Anyways, this morning I baked some mini corn muffins before K was even awake, and mmm, were they goood! Drizzled a little honey over them, and K scarfed back 4! Even Miss I ate one, and she just doesn't eat anything lately. Next time I will make them with blueberries. AAaaaand, I have lupines! Weehoo! They are so fantastic the second year, I am so impressed with how they are turning out. I have lots more coming too, I can't wait.
And the wonder hydrangea. Still doing whatever it is trying to do. Not sure.


Cori said...

Sigh, your flowers are so pretty! I have a huge refuse heap in my backyard; I can't wait until it is all hauled away and I can look at green stuff back there again!