Thursday, December 20, 2007

Fisher Price _ _ _ _ S My Angora Goat

You can fill in the blank, go on, be creative! I can think of 2 words that fit...

(Told you I was going to blog this Erin!)

So this morning, whilst having my second or third cup of coffee, my friend Erin pings me on Messenger asking about the Fisher Price Medical Set that Consumers Reports tested and declared lead infested, cause she had picked one up for Christmas. Good enough, I go back thru my archives (remind me to start tagging posts so they can be found), send her the link to the page.

She pings me later while on the phone with Fisher Price. She is asking about the recall that was done in ONLY Illinois. The woman on the phone said:

" it's ok because it was an independant study done in Illinois and it's only unacceptable to them "

Then Erin proceeds to tell them that its um, unacceptable to HER as well! So Fisher Price is now sending her a lead free medical kit. Which, for future information and I didn't know this, only just happens to be a different color. Its obviously the one color they are having issues with.

I guess too, the woman just sounded incredibly unconcerned about it, so this obviously is the line that they are feeding people when they call about this. That was your best PR attempt Fisher Price? Its OK because our standards are LOWER?

Um. Yah. I think I just wholeheartedly added them to my boycott list. The amount of lead in that toy set is ONLY unacceptable to Illinois, who have actually, for children's safety, PULLED it off their shelves.

So for all of us who don't live in Illinois, we have to live with lower standards. Oh, unless you CALL Fisher Price and tell them that you find it otherwise. Then you get a replacement.


Link to the original article HERE


miss b said...

actually though it is just some of the colors of the plastic that are unacceptable levels of lead. such as mega blocks. i believe the red ones don't comply, but all the others are within the safe limits. didn't you post about that?

The MIKK Family said...

The issue is that only Illinois tests the actual plastic, everywhere else can have a lead level in the plastic, its the outer paint that the standards are set for. So the State of Illinois has a law that has limits on the lead content within the plastics, tested Fisher Price, and yes, found the red one with too much lead. BUT they only pulled it in Illinois, fully knowing that the lead is too high in every set with red, because they happen to be the only state/province that has this law.

So they are aware that the lead levels are too high, yet leave them out there on the shelves because laws haven't come about yet as to the content in the plastics. Irresponsible and reprehensible. If Alberta enacted legislation today similar to Illinois, they would be forced to pull it here.

The woman literally told Erin that the red one she had was OK. That the lead levels were only not acceptable in Illinois. The test showed that lead rubbed off onto skin while being played with and in quantities that exceeded any limits.

So the question brought to mind is, if they are like this about a tested product, what else is embedded in their other toys that are on the shelves for us to buy (like perhaps Megablocks, I haven't read about that one)

I had posted about the kit a few weeks ago, this is just the confirmation that they are fully aware of the lead levels in their plastics, and that they only recall it when forced. Blech.