Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Colors

I forgot that I had to remember (haha figure that one out) to make a sweet treat for Mr K's Easter Soiree at Preschool, so whilst getting our seeds this morning I also grabbed what I needed to bake up some creations.

They are just so happy looking :) and the colors are even happier in real life. And when I eat a leftover mini chocolate egg, I am happy too!

And speaking of seeds, I thought I was so far behind, but really, everything this year is about picking my perennials, planting them where they are going to stay, and that's that. I bought Delphiniums which will come up every year, I plan on lots of Peonies and lily and anything that will come up again and again. All that though, will be after I get the beds dug up how I finally want them (I know, yah right, but really, I WILL COMMIT THIS YEAR) then plant away on May Long. Which, is only 8.5 weeks away! Good weather is sooooo close!


Jane said...

Those cupcakes ARE such gorgeous colours :) Oooh I think I want to make some now!!!!!! I love Easter colours :)

Spring arrives tonight!! 4 hours and counting!!!!