Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What's New

LOTS. But mostly I am dead tired lately, I took on 3 morning shifts in a row and my body does NOT like waking up at 5 every morning. Doing it again next weekend, whee!

Can't wait till the long weekend when K and I get to be cougars at the Backstreet Boys concert!

Our first wine batch is almost done, will post pics when finished!

The kids and I are spending lots of time outside of course, and will be living outside this week of wonderful hot weather, at last, the pool can come out again!

My parents should be coming up the week of the 11th and that will be endless hours of entertainment for us all. Perhaps mike and i will sneaky sneak out to a movie...ooooh!

We forgot our anniversary! I shit you not. We had a heck of a week, and a crazy day the day of, and I happened to look at the calendar on the 30th and said, oh crap! I'm too tired to relate the whole story, lets save that for another time lol! So we'll have a belated one soon. Perhaps when said parents are up to watch the kids. 8 years and our minds are obviously going.

More flower pics to come later on..just thought I would let everyone know I am still here and not just smelling the roses all summer.