Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Princess' New Room a.k.a My Weekend Project

I spent the weekend alone, and took on the project of The Princess' room, which has been on my list FOREVER. I made her some lilac colored curtains and then never found anything to match lol. Good thing it was about 99 cents a meter at Fabricland, I wasted about 5 bucks.

Anyhow, I went to Ikea, who rarely lets me down, and sure enough, fell in love with this Fabler line. All sorts of lovely old fashioned characters, and fairy frogs, and in gorgeous colors that aren't too girly. When I looked at Walmart the aisle with children's bedding looked like someone had drank pepto bismol and threw up on the shelves, god, that horrid Hannna Montana neon pink crap! Not to mention there is nothing but licensed character sets.

So as per usual I bought two sets of bedding and this one was just PERFECT for creating. The duvet cover had a polka dot pattern on the back, so I was able to use that side for curtains with the extra set.

View from the hall...

The characters on the bedding,I had tried to explain this to my mom and couldn't, you just have to see it. It has lovely colors of red, pinks, lavenders and blues too... I just fell right in love. It sounded tacky when I tried to explain all the colors.

The adorable fairy frogs on the wall lights...

The art I made, I painted two frames and put a picture of The Princess in one, then an embroidery that A made her when she was born. Ahem, it may be 2.5 years later, but I used it! The middle one is cardboard with with batting for depth, then fabric glued over, for fabric art.

My favorite part, I covered the frame with material, it was a plain wooden bar type, and it covered up so lovely! I wanted to hide the cords behind the bed, and this turned out SO much better than I thought it could, its a great headboard now. My hot glue gun was my best friend this project.

And the stuffed fairy frog makes me squeeee with its cuteness lol.

The wall quilt I sewed with the other side of the second set of fabric, I did it in a patchwork design, then yes, hung it sideways LOL! It looked much better with all those stripes facing a different direction, it was a little too orderly the other way, this way offset the matchy matchyness of everything.

And that is that! I am not in the least bit rested from the weekend LOL BUT man, it feels good to have one huge project off my list. I also have her name in wooden letters to be attached to the outside of her door.

I was busy Friday and I also donated 6 !! (where do we get all this crap!) bags of clothes, toys and books. Oh, and one bag of kitchen stuff, my cupboards are uncluttered! The basement is almost ready for playing in all winter,that is my project this coming week. The toys are all sorted out and lovely on the shelves, the pop/beer bottles are all taken in, I need a weekend to myself more often!


TandK said...

I absolutely love this pattern also as i had bought deklen the baby quilt for him to play on the floor. It is way too cute. You are so crafty!

Amanda said...

Nice work! I admired the design series as well on my last Ikea visit.

Amanda said...

oh yes, I did the same thing on my weekends alone- cleaned and organized! It's the best time to sneak out toys.