Saturday, January 03, 2009


Well, it wasn't another cat that we went back for, it was a rabbit that I fell in love with when we were at the Humane Society. However, two pets in one day was a little much to handle, so we got Buffy home and settled in, and then today, after a few days of planning and figuring and deciding we went back to get her.

Here she is lounging, she is a pretty large rabbit, really personable, loves being out of her cage and visiting, and is actually bigger than my cat.

We'll be building her a hutch outside this spring, till then Auntie Christina lent us her massive (good thing!) bunny cage where she is at the moment.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Newest Family Member

We have been waiting for Christmas to be over to add a new family member since we lost our Luna. So today we headed to the Humane Society and found our girl, so here's introducing Buffy. Yes, I named my cat Buffy. We intend on getting another one and naming it either Scooby (Mr K desperately wanted to name her that but I told him we would get a male cat later one) or Spike to go with Buffy ;) I might have to let Mr K win tho since I got my way on this name!

She is the tiniest little thing, she's 1.6 years old and such a wee cat! She's curled up on my mom's arm at the moment all content.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bookity Books

Alrighty, I KNOW that there are lots of you who were given books or, like me, received a Chapters card (which is about my favoritest gift ever) and went straight away book shopping. So, what did everyone get for books, or will be getting?

I bought :

I am pretty sure there are more Philippa Gregory books in my future, she writes about the Tudor era which captivates me.

And of course the rest of my Twilight books as well. I read them all over the holidays lol.

The book below is something I am completely excited about, I LOVE the Kelley Armstrong books and now she is writing about the men from all her books, due this spring. Not only are they probably going to be awesome ( because once you are hooked into her created "otherworld", you are sunk) all her profits from this anthology are going to be given to World Literacy of Canada. I wasn't surprised to see that their overseas work starts with the women of the community for literacy, it makes sense that someone who features strong women as her leads in books would chose to endorse them.