Saturday, March 28, 2009

California Bound!

Its official! I have booked our hotel in San Francisco for 7 nights early June, then our hotel room in Anaheim right by Disney for the week after. Now that the stressfull part of finding hotels is over, I can start looking for the fun stuff! You would think its not stressful, but I am really picky plus hate spending a lot of money, so that limits my options. I did go a teeny bit more expensive in San Francisco, but the hotel is literally on the ocean, on the bay, and was so beautiful I had to stay there.

The kids and I are leaving with my dad on May 27th, then driving to San Fran, and Mike will fly down the Friday night to meet us. Then he has a conference the Saturday, and then Tues-Thurs the following week. Then off to Disney in Anaheim! I think we're even sneaking in a night in Vegas on the way home where dad will watch the kids while Mike and I go explore a bit. Fun!

I am having a blast looking up things for us to see, Mike has Apple Headquaters on his list to go and get his pic in front of LOL, I have the Winchester House and the California Academy of Sciences.

I am soooo excited to take the kids and to go on all sorts of adventures as a family!


miss b said...

exciting! i hope you guys have a great time!

Cori said...

Very cool trip you got planned there so far!!

Jane said...

I've not heard of that place before but it sounds fantastic - I've added it to my list of places to go one day :)

Have a great time!!!