Monday, August 03, 2009

I am Suffering Blogging Withdrawl

Ok. Seriously. I am going through blogging withdrawl.

I hated the new site, ignore the new Beak I linked to. Its not what I wanted. I nuked my old post.

The Supermom has taken on a life of its own, with books reviews and now has NOTHING to do with my personal blogging, which is ok, its cool, I am happy that I am getting sent books to review by real authors, its fun and I would love for it to get bigger and bigger in that direction. I plan on taking the books into my work and donating them to the children's units, so I really hope it gets larger that way, the more the better!

Mike is working on a new blog for me. Its crazy. Its a huge project. Mega huge. Three blogs in one at the moment. But I have always found blogging to be my "crafting", and he is making me a super duper complex blog that will be my art, my crafting, my creative outlet that I have always wanted, and I am very excited.

But it might be ready in September lol. It WILL be up by September.

I miss MY blogging desperately. I have so much to catch up on, so much to post about my gardening and everything. But I have to wait.

*sighs loudly*

So I still don't have *my* creative outlet running yet. The supermom was going to be, then totally just ran away from me! And then I realized that yes, it is everything that interests me, but its not about me.

So selfish, I know.

So I am still here.....just not blogging as much. Ok not at all. I am still reading all of yours as well, so keep on posting chickies.

This summer has been so busy, I have worked 5/6 days a week, then went to calgary, then worked another full week, then am going to calgary again. And then, I am going to attack my house which has been so sorely neglected. I just can't keep up with it, I am not home.

We have been everywhere, from the beach, to the lake,to the calgary zoo, to the science center, visiting their grandparents and cousins and aunties, the kids have had a fantastic summer, but that means that everything in my house has gone to hell in a handbasket, but when I realized that the kids have done more this summer than I even dreamed I would have, I am ok with the mess. Sorta.

So once the new blog is running, and this one is going to be the final one, I have spent forever designing and planning and concocting it to be exactly what I want, I will go back and blog blog blog about my summer. The new one also will have all my old posts off of here, so it will probably just re-direct to the new one.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!


Amanda said...

Be ok with the mess! It's temporary and making our very short-lived summers as fun and relaxing as possible is far, far more important. When you're stuck inside this winter (or when 2! kids are in school), you'll have time to do the work you want to get done in the house.

I am VERY curious about the new blog! Let me know when you want to do another movie night.

Cori said...

The new newer blog sounds fun!